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Expert Profile

Diya Nag

Diya Nag

Former Program Officer, India

Expertise: Access to justice, judicial and legal reform, police accountability and reform with a special focus on South Asia, social media

Diya Nag left The Asia Foundation in August 2013.

Diya Nag came to The Asia Foundation in 2009 as a junior associate with the Governance, Law, and Civil Society Program in San Francisco, and then rejoined as a program officer in the India office in September 2012. She works on regional trade in South Asia, and also manages grants in the areas of women’s security and open and accountable governance. Her special interest and expertise lies in the field of access to justice, police accountability, and legal and judicial reform. Prior to joining the India office, Diya worked with the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI), an international human rights organization based in New Delhi. At CHRI, her work involved advocating for police reforms and increased police accountability in South Asia. She was also responsible for social media outreach and conducted several online campaigns. Before relocating to India, Diya practiced consumer law in New York City, focusing mainly on class action litigation.

Education: B.A. in Human Rights and Sociology from Barnard College, Columbia University; J.D. in Global Law and Practice from the Syracuse University College of Law. Diya is a member of the New York Bar, First Appellate Division.

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