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Our development experts and staff in 18 Asian countries, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. are available for media briefings and speaking engagements on critical issues in Asia. Sign up for news and our blog. 

For assistance, please contact Global Communications:

Woman smiling at cameraAmy Ovalle,
Vice President, Global Communications

Woman smiling at cameraEelynn Sim,
Director, Strategy & Programs

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After beating a path to postwar prosperity that’s been the envy of #Asia and the world, #SouthKorea suddenly finds itself in a malaise, ...with plummeting birthrates and a generation of disaffected youth who call their country “hell.” Is there a solution?

Amidst #TimorLeste's experience with #Covid19 and the 2021 floods, the country is maintaining and even improving perceptions of safety ...& security, with community leaders largely leading the progress:

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