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The prospects for India as a rising power also depend upon how the country addresses domestic challenges and relations with its neighbors in the region. Our New Delhi office supports local initiatives to promote open, accountable, and inclusive governance and to facilitate India's positive engagement in regional and global affairs. Read country overview.


The brutal gang rape of a young woman in New Delhi in 2012 brought a new level of urgency and international attention to the lack of women's security in India. The Foundation supports the protection of the women's basic security; open, accountable, and inclusive governance; and India's constructive engagement in regional and global affairs. Last year, to scale up the ability of law enforcement agencies to respond to victims of violence and enhance their sensitivity and understanding of gender, we supported the Centre for Social Research (CSR) to provide training to hundreds of police officers in New Delhi. Officers were trained on human rights, the Indian Constitution, protection of women under the Indian Penal Code, and specific laws that protect women and children against violence. Officers learned how this violence occurs, prevention strategies, and how to intervene. We also supported CSR's Crisis Centers in New Delhi, including workshops to educate men and boys from urban communities about gender equality, violence against women, and how to file a first information report (FIR) with the police.

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