Correspondent, Channel NewsAsia

Future of Asia Chair, Asian Views on America's Role in Asia

Wajahat Ali is a veteran print and television journalist currently based in Islamabad, where he is Pakistan correspondent for the Singapore-based television network, Channel NewsAsia. Ali is interested in Pakistan’s foreign policy and regional security challenges. He has covered the twin problems of religious radicalization and extremism in his country for many years, and has written and broadcast extensively on radical Islamist organizations in Pakistan and Islamabad’s responses to terrorism. In 2010, he became the first Pakistani to be awarded The Asia Foundation’s prestigious William P. Fuller Fellowship in Conflict Resolution. Subsequently, he went to Washington, DC, where he was South Asia research fellow with the New America Foundation. In his fourteen years in journalism, Ali has reported from the United States, China, and Afghanistan, as well as Pakistan. He has published research papers in a local journal, Conflict and Peace Studies, and edited portions of a comprehensive research book, Understanding Militants’ Media in Pakistan: Outreach and Impact.