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Through its Asian American Exchange unit, The Asia Foundation seeks to encourage greater understanding between Asians and Americans with the ultimate aim of contributing towards strengthened U.S.-Asia relations. Over more than five decades, Foundation grants have provided thousands of participants with opportunities to exchange views and gain direct experience with regions other than their own. 

Exchange programs—administered by the San Francisco-based Asian American Exchange (AAX) unit in collaboration with the Foundation's field offices and theme units—help shape the perceptions of the Asians and Americans who take part in academic studies, conferences, special programs, and study tours tailored to particular needs.

The exchanges are part of larger Foundation-funded projects in Asia and thus reflect specific program areas that address U.S.-Asia interests. A few examples include:

Policy Challenges and Solutions to Environmental Management: Multi-Country Representation
Study tour for environmental leaders from seven Asian nations who had previously attended the UC Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program under Asia Foundation auspices.

Intellectual Property Rights: Chinese Judges
Research affiliations arranged at distinguished law schools for IPR specialists from China's Supreme People's Court, followed by meetings with federal agencies and the judiciary.

Youth in Action: Vietnamese Environmental Leaders
Intensive experience focused on environmental challenges in the U.S. and how community involvement and public education programs engage young Americans to address such concerns and help to develop their leadership skills.

"Ghazni 2013" Cultural Exchange: Afghan Leadership Group
Exploration of aspects of good governance by Afghan political and community leaders, including a woman Member of Parliament, as part of a pioneering Sister City relationship between Ghazni Province and Hayward, California; to raise awareness of historic Ghazni's designation as a "Capital of Islamic Culture" in 2013.

Public-Private Partnerships in Disaster Management: Multi-sectoral Delegation from China
Observation program for Ministry of Civil Affairs officials and key NGO and business partners examining how federal, state, and local governments cooperate with the private sector to better cope with disasters.

Perspectives on Social Entrepreneurship: Multi-sectoral Representation from Japan
Visit to the San Francisco Bay Area, a hub for social innovation, to meet with organizations that support global social enterprises and practice corporate social responsibility.

The Foundation also sponsors special exchange programs. Use the links at the left to learn more about them.

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