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Washington DC

The Asia Foundation's office in Washington organizes substantive dialogues with key audiences on policy issues facing the Asia-Pacific. Roundtables, forums, lectures, and dialogues provide policymakers, non-governmental leaders, journalists, and scholars with opportunities to hear contemporary views from Asia. With field offices throughout Asia, the Foundation has extraordinary access to current and emerging leaders and to staff experts in the field, who contribute valuable perspectives on developments and dynamics affecting the region.

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Recent Events in Washington, DC

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Foremost among our Washington, DC programs are the Ellsworth Bunker Asian Ambassadors Series, the Asian Perspectives Series, and the Emerging Issues Series. As a trusted nongovernmental actor, the Foundation brings together key Asian and American leaders from a range of institutions, countries, and points of view to enable balanced, thoughtful, and constructive discussions of both regional and global challenges.

Ellsworth Bunker Asian Ambassadors Dinner Series

DC - berman

The Ellsworth Bunker Asian Ambassadors Dinner series has been hosted by The Asia Foundation since 1996, and is named in honor of accomplished statesman Ellsworth Bunker (1894-1984), who served as Ambassador to India, Nepal, and Vietnam, among other posts during his long diplomatic career. These dinners create a venue for the Asian diplomatic and policy communities to explore issues of significance in U.S.–Asia policy in a candid setting and an opportunity to exchange views on challenges facing the Asia-Pacific region. Presenters in recent years include Congressman Howard Berman, then-Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and Melanne Verveer, U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women's Issues.

Asian Perspectives Seminar Series

DC - rood

For over 15 years, the Asian Perspectives seminar series has provided an avenue for leading voices from the Asia-Pacific region to focus on issues and countries of strategic, economic, and political importance to the United States. The Foundation's extensive network of contacts both in the U.S. and Asia enables the Washington office to bring a wide range of perspectives from the Asia-Pacific region to Washington, especially those of emerging Asian leaders who have few opportunities to visit the United States. The panel discussions in this public seminar series provides insight into Asian views on issues confronting U.S. policymakers, business, and non-governmental leaders.

Emerging Issues Series

DC - hasan

The programs in the Emerging Issues Series create opportunities for the Foundation's staff experts visiting Washington from field offices to share their knowledge and experience in Asia with the DC policy community. These public roundtable events allow for informal discussion and exchange of information about significant developments in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in the 18 countries where the Foundation implements programs and supports local initiatives to advance reform and development.

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