Virtual Event – Opportunity in Crisis: Green Energy as the New Normal

Event: Thursday, June 4, 2020

The world entered 2020 with warnings that countries weren’t doing enough to cap global temperature rise below the targeted 2-degrees Celsius rise by century-end. But the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced economic activity to halt globally, caused the positive side-effect of reduced pollution and cleaner environment unintentionally, due to lower emissions. As we open to a new normal, renewable energy will be a significant pathway to South Asia’s economic prosperity and climate targets. At the South Asia Green Energy Summit 2019, we explored India’s global leadership in the deployment of renewable energy, investment models, policy frameworks, and technology to offer leadership to the sector.

In this special webinar, as countries take stock to revive the world economy, our speakers try to answer if and how smart energy choices could be prioritized in South Asia to sustain environmental benefits, this time by design.


Anish De, Partner and Head, Energy and Natural Resources, KPMG – India
Ashvini Kumar, Senior Fellow and Senior Director, Renewable Energy Technologies Division, The Energy and Resources Institute
Priyadarshi Dash, Assistant Professor, Research and Information System for Developing Countries
Anjali Garg, Energy Specialist, Financial Institutions Group – Climate Finance Advisory, Asia and Pacific, International Finance Corporation


Anindya Upadhyay, Senior Consultant, The Asia Foundation

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