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Fostering Strategic Partnerships for Effective and Inclusive Subnational Governance in Nepal

Program Year: 2024

In December 2023, our Subnational Governance Program in Nepal supported Damak Municipality in hosting the third Municipal Roundtable, convening elected representatives from the program’s seven strategic partner municipalities for learning and sharing. The roundtable aims to unite strategic partner municipalities to learn, share, and document knowledge around good governance and best practices for creating effective and inclusive public services.

Mayor Ram Kumar Thapa and Deputy Mayor Regina Bhattarai Prasai hosted elected representatives from Mithila, Bhimeshwor, Waling, Tansen, Birendranagar, and Tikapur, and Australian Ambassador to Nepal, Felicity Volk, inaugurated the event. The gathering was joined by neighboring municipalities, officials from local government associations — Municipal Association Nepal and National Association of Rural Municipalities in Nepal, and municipality officials.

In her opening remarks, Ambassador Volk recognized the endeavors of the strategic partner municipalities to ensure that provided services are inclusive and accessible. Bhimeshwor, Tansen, and Tikapur Municipalities were noted as examples of providing disability training and capacity-building workshops for women. Ambassador Volk also urged a need to bring focus to the pressing issue of climate change.

In a closed group session, the representatives of all seven strategic partners showcased best practices, shared challenges, and critiqued approaches to creating a stable, effective, and inclusive subnational governance. Elected representatives and other municipality officials engaged in discussions on topics ranging from best practices in the health sector to the consequences of data privacy while utilizing technology and facilitating access to services for people with disabilities.

Discussions also included the importance of citizens’ active participation in governance and how it can contribute to more effective service delivery, making more inclusive and informed policies, and integrating Gender Equality, Disability, and Social Inclusion into policy implementation.

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