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SAGP Concluding Event: Achievements, Collaboration, and Planning for Future Impact

Program Year: 2024

In Nepal, the South Asia Governance Program (SAGP) concluded with a two-day learning event. The event brought together implementing partners to analyze the accomplishments and impacts of their collaborative efforts under the initiative.

SAGP initiatives span various areas, including public sector accountability, transparency, rule of law, civil society participation, media promotion, and democratic institution strengthening. The event helped to broaden and fortify partnerships, facilitate networking opportunities, and foster the development of robust coalitions within the participating organizations. With the overarching goal of strengthening collaborative initiatives and collective impact, the gathering focused on collective reflections on the program, strategic planning for future opportunities, and an introduction to organizations’ work beyond SAGP.

A woman stands in front of participants and with a large projector screen with the events title, South Asia Grants Program Learning Event behind her.

Throughout the two-day event, participants engaged in comprehensive discussions centered on open communication and collaborative engagement among participating partner organizations. This dialogue created a platform for seven partner organizations to present their profiles, highlight unique selling points, foster meaningful conversation, and promote a deeper understanding of their diverse work.

Further conversations focused on potential collaborative intersections, effective communication, strategic planning, encouraging goal setting, collaborative future planning, and strategic thinking. Guided discussions within the session also enabled participants to identify opportunities and establish actionable plans through intersections in the key areas of environmental and economic governance and foreign policy.

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