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Let’s Read Indonesia Collaborates on 5th BookLab to Produce Quality Books for Early Readers

Program Year: 2024

Children’s natural inclination towards visuals over text makes compelling illustrations crucial to children’s book production. Early readers also have a limited vocabulary, making illustration essential for expressing ideas challenging to convey in words. As a result, preparing books for early readers is not easy; it requires illustration skills, creativity, and the ability to write simply and succinctly.

In Indonesia, our Let’s Read initiative collaborated with the Litara Foundation on our 5th BookLab to engage potential illustrators at the Bandung Institute of Technology’s faculty of Arts and Design taking related classes (Kelas Ilustrasi Buku Anak or KIBA).

The theme of our 5th BookLab is “Books for Early Readers.” The theme strives to foster a love for reading, regardless of difficulty, by promoting diversity and creating unique characters and illustrations. Let’s Read BookLabs are a chance for story writers and illustrators to collaborate on developing story concepts under the guidance of art directors and editors. During the December BookLab, groups of participants developed and presented story ideas featuring characters designed to spark children’s curiosity, ignite imagination, and promote an appreciation for differences in body shape, color, and background.

By inviting students to be illustrators, Let’s Read BookLabs present an opportunity to enhance young illustrators’ portfolios with work accessible by digital media and global readers. BookLabs are also an excellent way for children’s books community of creators, writers, and illustrators to learn and grow together.

Instilling the habit of reading from an early age is pivotal to a child’s educational growth. Books can shape a child’s future, and storybooks are the first door for children to learn spelling and reading.

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