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The Asia Foundation Partners with Bangladeshi Organizations to Combat Disinformation

Program Year: 2024

In partnership with the Institute for Environment and Development (IED), The Asia Foundation hosted a national-level network meeting to combat disinformation in Bangladesh. The December event brought together 16 diverse Bangladeshi organizations, ranging from CSOs, NGOs, and grassroots organizations to journalist communities and youth, women, and minority groups.

In a collaborative effort to counteract the surge of misinformation and threats to democracy, these relevant groups crafted a 10-point declaration to strengthen democratic practices and advocate for the rights of women, gender-diverse individuals, and marginalized/minority communities. The declaration emphasizes combating cyberbullying and disinformation and boosting the capacity of law enforcement to counter misinformation during elections. Initiatives culminating from the pledge include empowering local government, integrating misinformation awareness in textbooks, fortifying media for accurate reporting, and enhancing the Cyber Cell of Bangladesh Police.

Members of various Bangladeshi organizations sit at one side open rectangular table. The camera faces the members and a screen noting the meetings formal title.

The 10-point declaration reflects the shared commitment to addressing issues of inequality and disinformation within Bangladesh’s democratic framework. With endorsements from IED, the Center for Critical and Qualitative Studies, and the Bangladesh Enterprise Institute, this moment marks a turning point in the country’s fight for a well-informed and democratic future.

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