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Women’s Voice and Leadership Sri Lanka Documents Contributions to Further Collective Knowledge

Program Year: 2024

Women’s Voice and Leadership – Sri Lanka (WVL-SL), a project spanning five years from 2019 to 2024, funded by Global Affairs Canada, has been dedicated to enhancing the capacity and initiatives of women-led, women’s rights organizations, and movements in their pursuit of empowering women and girls, advancing the protection of women and girls rights, and achieving gender equality.

WVL-SL’s communication approach prioritized placing the experiences of women’s rights organizations and their communities at the forefront. Guided by feminist communication and knowledge creation principles, the project ensures that women’s rights and perspectives are central to the conversation on human rights and related practices in Sri Lanka. WVL-SL concluded with a dedication to documenting the knowledge gained, its contributions, and its partners’ contributions in advancing gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls in Sri Lanka.

Through the Approach Notes, Issue Briefs, and Event Blurbs series, the collection encompasses various aspects of the Women’s Voice and Leadership Sri Lanka project, capturing not only the strategies employed by the project team during implementation but also the real-world experiences of women’s rights organizations partners as they implemented project activities in different contexts. These resources will provide valuable insights into the project’s impact and work undertaken by the project and its partners to advance gender equality in Sri Lanka.

To learn about the Women’s Voice and Leadership Sri Lanka Project, contact the Gender & Justice Program team of The Asia Foundation’s office in Sri Lanka at [email protected].

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