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The Makassar City Government to Publish the Mayor’s Regulation (Perwali) on Restorative Justice’s Support Services

Program Year: 2024

The Makassar city government, in collaboration with YLBHI LBH Makassar, is currently in the final stages of drafting the Mayor’s Regulation (Perwali) on Restorative Justice’s Support Services in Indonesia. The regulation is supported by the Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Justice 2 (AIPJ2) through The Asia Foundation and outlines the procedures and mechanisms for accessing legal aid, mediation, counseling services, and social rehabilitation services. While the regulation on Restorative Justice is still being developed, the initiative of Perwali at the local level is primed to become an important reference of policy best practices for national policymakers once implemented.

Restorative Justice focuses on a different approach to resolving legal conflicts that involve the perpetrator, the victims, and the impacted communities. Most importantly, Restorative Justice focuses on victim recovery, rehabilitating the perpetrators, and positively reintegrating them within the impacted communities.

On February 6, at the city hall office, Makassar city mayor Moh. Ramdhan Pomanto spoke on the concept of Restorative Justice, noting it involves various service optimizations, such as community services for individuals in conflict with the law, including health care and education services. LBH Makassar’s deputy director for operations, Abdul Azis Dumpa, emphasized the urgent need to optimize support services for the implementation of Restorative Justice, particularly in Makassar. As a follow-up step, LBH Makassar and the Regional Apparatus providing services prepared an initial draft of the Mayor’s Decree (SK) regarding the Task Force for Supporting Services for the Implementation of Restorative Justice in Makassar City.

The Perwali underscores the Makassar City Government’s commitment to enhancing and interconnecting support services to ensure effective implementation of restorative justice for all residents.

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