2016-2017 Luce Scholar

Rumah Sanur Creative Hub

Evan Silver, a theatre artist, will have the opportunity to explore Indonesia’s rich cultural and artistic traditions as an Artist in Residence at Rumah Sanur in Bali. Rumah Sanur is a hub and vibrant destination for the local community and businesses, artists, creatives, thinkers, innovators and social entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate. Bringing communities together to stimulate ideas and build relationships across sectors, it nurtures creative ecosystems and encourage social innovation and place-making.

Raised in a vibrant arts environment in Chicago by a banjo-playing printmaker and an architect, Evan developed a passion for creative storytelling from an early age. In May 2016, he graduated with honors from Brown University with a bachelor’s degree in Literary Arts and a focus in Writing for Performance. A theatre director and playwright, he also has experience in film, photography, printmaking, painting, drawing, graphic design, fiction, and poetry, all informing his practice as a theatre artist. His work explores themes of human constancy and variation across time and place, as well as tropes and archetypes drawn from ancient and modern mythologies ranging from Arabian folklore to apocalyptic cinema. Evan is also a musician and composer, and his music – a fusion of folk, jazz and pop styles – often plays an important role in his creative work. At Brown, he directed nine theatre productions and five films, many of which have been original works with original music. In addition to Brown, Evan has trained at Drama Centre London, the Yale School of Drama, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, The Second City, and Lookingglass Theatre. He has observed and experienced a diversity of approaches to theatre-making which have deeply influenced his personal practice. When not making art, Evan is doing his best to experience the world with open eyes and a full heart. He loves meeting new people and is an avid traveler, mountaineer and wildlife photographer.