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 2024 Asia Foundation Development Fellow 



Haseenah Huurieyah read law at the International Islamic University of Malaysia and holds a master’s degree in Peace Studies from Hacettepe University in Turkey. During her tenure as a legal editor at LexisNexis, she was seconded to the Malaysian Chief Justice’s office. She concurrently led corporate social responsibility and rule of law projects for the stateless and refugees. Given her profound dedication to the entrenched issue of statelessness, she spearheaded two pivotal rule of law projects with a resounding mission to facilitate the birth registration process for stateless individuals. The projects included a practice guide empowering Sabah Law Society lawyers volunteering in mobile courts and legal literacy videos aimed at addressing the prevailing issue of subjugated knowledge due to low literacy rates. Her advocacy for community empowerment is demonstrated in collaborations with esteemed organizations, including the UNHCR and Xiamen University, to organize workshops for refugee students at the Malaysian Social Research Institute.