Program Officer, Pacific Islands

Krystelle Lavaki is a marine scientist by training and holds a bachelor’s degree in marine science from the University of the South Pacific. An entrepreneur, Krystelle has worked in veterinary nursing, media, research, and teaching before joining The Asia Foundation as a consultant. She attributes her colorful work/life experiences to her late mum, an entrepreneur who believed in doing, not trying. She attributes her ability to adapt and work on multiple projects to her upbringing in a home without gender roles.  

Her current role as a program officer with The Asia Foundation in the Pacific Islands provides the flexibility and a conducive environment to evolve into a better contributor. Through meaningful partnerships and respect, she strives to nurture and create a network of solution-driven regional practitioners.

Krystelle’s work experiences have helped her appreciate local knowledge and representation by indigenous people. She is interested in and has also worked on projects in the thematic areas of conservation, economics, cultural preservation through nutrition, and gender equity and equality.