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Former Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee

Shorenstein Distinguished Fellow for Political Affairs, Asia/Pacific Research Center, Stanford University Former U.S. Ambassador to Japan and the Philippines Former Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs

Mr. Armacost left the Board of Trustees in 2014.

Mike Armacost joined The Asia Foundation’s Board of Trustees in 1994. He has been a Shorenstein Distinguished Fellow at the Asia/Pacific Research Center of Stanford University since September 2002. Ambassador Armacost retired as president of the Brookings Institution in June 2002, after serving since October 1995. He held the post of distinguished fellow and visiting professor at the Asia/Pacific Research Center at Stanford University from 1993-1995. His work in government has included serving as the U.S. ambassador to Japan, U.S. ambassador to the Philippines, and under secretary of state for political affairs. He has also occupied senior policy responsibilities in the National Security Council and Department of Defense.