Accessibility and Disability Inclusion on the Public Transport System in Phnom Penh


Persons with disabilities continue to face exclusion and discrimination in areas ranging from education to employment, access to public services, and other social services. There are 289,135 persons with disabilities living in urban areas in Cambodia, where access to services, including public transport, is essential. However, persons with disabilities have reported incidents in which they have been made to pay extra fees for mobility devices or denied access to public transport. With support from the Ford Foundation, The Asia Foundation commissioned Humanity & Inclusion to conduct an assessment of disability inclusion of the public bus services in Phnom Penh. This assessment identified the existing context of disability inclusion in buses in Phnom Penh and how the public transport system can be more accessible for persons with disabilities. Recommendations fall into four categories: “bus accessibility, safety, and comfort,” “bus stop accessibility, safety, comfort, and provision of information,” “bus driver and other employee attitudes towards persons with disabilities,” and “bus route and stop distribution in relation to where persons with disabilities live.”

Posted May 11, 2023
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