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Asian Views on America’s Role in Asia: The Future of the Rebalance


The 2016 election campaign has revealed mounting concern and skepticism about American foreign policy commitments towards Asia, including signals towards anti-globalization and isolationism. Concerns have been raised about free trade and investment, the rise of China, territorial disputes, nuclear proliferation, and America’s presence in Afghanistan. The United States must not shrink from its leadership role in the international order and skillfully navigate a complex set of issues in Asia, according to a forthcoming policy report, Asian Views on America’s Role in Asia. This report presents policy recommendations for the incoming administration on issues most important to three sub-regions of Northeast Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. The recommendations culminate a series of closed-door, high-level working group meetings held in Seoul, Bangkok, Colombo, and New York from April to June of 2016.

Posted November 14, 2016
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