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Resistance and the Cost of the Coup in Chin State, Myanmar


New research supported by The Asia Foundation as part of the Cross-Border Conflict: Evidence, Policy, and Trends (XCEPT) program sheds light on conflict and instability in Chin State, Myanmar’s western border region with India, since the 2021 military coup. Chin State, which was once seen as a marginal and impoverished area, has become a key site of opposition against the military regime. The data and insights collected through first-hand research at ground level in December 2022 and January 2023 outline the evolving landscape of armed and political actors and the changing dynamics. This project also spotlights the situation faced by thousands of Chin people who have been displaced by violence, seeking refuge along the India-Myanmar border. The key findings summarized, underpinned by detailed contextual analysis, provide evidence for humanitarians and development policymakers seeking to support conflict-affected populations.
Posted June 28, 2023
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