Six Stories of Resilience: Digital Technologies as Drivers of Development in the Covid-19 Era


The Asia Pacific region is adapting to the many challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic in part by leveraging the power of digital. Online platforms, mobile tools, AI-enabled digital services, and cloud applications, to name a few, have been key to supporting the region’s resilience during this time of collective crisis—helping address new pandemic-related obstacles, shape and accelerate the region’s recovery, and contribute to enhanced preparedness going forward. This process of digitalization has accelerated since the onset of the pandemic and is transforming key sectors, such as micro, small and medium-sized businesses (MSMEs), education, healthcare, data collection and research, and the agri-food business. In addition, hybrid solutions involving a mix of online and offline interactions—telemedicine and in-person care, being one example—may persist for some time going forward, with many critical services potentially hybridized permanently as communities discover the inherent efficiencies of hybrid models generating new value and leaps in productivity.

Posted September 27, 2021
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