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Strengthening Care Economies in Asia and the Pacific


Women’s equal access to economic opportunities is imperative for future growth and prosperity in Asia and the Pacific. The participation of women in the labor force is also critical to women’s advancement and achieving gender equality in the region. However, research has shown that one critical barrier for women to enter the labor force is the double burden of care and household responsibilities that disproportionately fall on women. This burden is particularly acute in Asia. To advance women’s economic security and opportunities, there is an urgent need to establish a robust care economy ecosystem that redistributes the burden of care through effective care policies and investments in promising care delivery systems. The Asia Foundation’s approach to building resilient care ecosystems centers on three key pillars: elevate the care agenda at a national level through influencing care policy, program delivery, and advocacy, improve coordination and collaboration between diverse stakeholders within the care ecosystem, and build the evidence and global knowledge base around care to inform the design and delivery of effective care delivery that increases choice for carers and those needing care.

Posted March 15, 2024
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