Ameena Ilahi


Asia Foundation Hosts Event on Human Rights and Women’s Empowerment in Pakistan

Islamabad, September 27, 2016


Last week, The Asia Foundation hosted an event showcasing the Foundation’s human rights and women’s empowerment programs in Pakistan. “Innovation & Development Towards an Equitable & Inclusive Society in Pakistan,” held at the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, brought together ambassadors, media, national and international technical experts, civ… Read more


The Asia Foundation Hosts South Asian Forum for Minorities

Bangkok, January 18, 2016


On January 20-21, The Asia Foundation will host the South Asian Forum for Minorities under the Pakistan Religious Freedom Initiative-Leaders of Influence. The conference, held in Bangkok, will discuss the situation of, and challenges to, religious minorities in South Asia and propose regionally integrated solutions by bringing together prominent jo… Read more


Acid Crimes: A Growing Crisis in Pakistan

October 1, 2014


Acid crimes have long been recognized as one of the most horrendous manifestations of gender-based violence, directed largely at women, who account for an overwhelming 80 percent of all cases globally. In a country like Pakistan, where conservative ideals and deeply rooted patriarchal structures have shaped its psyche and social fabric…


Pakistan’s Elections Give Grounds for Hope

May 15, 2013


These were the elections which many did not expect to see in Pakistan. Despite persistent and widespread rumors right up until the actual day of elections that they would be cancelled or postponed, Pakistan’s General Elections took place as scheduled on May 11. Around 50 million citizens took part in this historical event…


Amid Heightened Insecurity, Pakistan’s Election Observers Get Ready

May 8, 2013


Against a backdrop of heightened insecurity and increasing violence in the lead-up to Pakistan’s general elections, slated for this Saturday, more than 43,000 trained, non-partisan volunteers are gearing up…