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L.Z. Yuan Fellowship in Media and International Affairs

The L.Z. Yuan Fellowship in Media and International Affairs is named after the late Lun-Zun Yuan, who initiated the Foundation’s program with China and served with the Foundation for over four decades. Prior to joining the Foundation in 1954, Mr. Yuan was a journalist; the L.Z. Yuan Fellowship reflects his conviction that the media plays an important role in international affairs. The fellowship offers young Chinese journalists an opportunity to gain a better understanding of key issues and concerns in international affairs, particularly those relevant to U.S.-China relations. The award supports participation in a course on U.S. foreign policy and international affairs, followed by a specially-tailored month-long affiliation with an international affairs organization and/or a series of meetings with members of the policy and media sectors.

A Chinese Journalist Discusses Sino-U.S. Relations with Ten Top U.S. Scholars

September 23, 2015

Blog Post

America’s willingness to accommodate China’s growing political and economic power will be crucial to U.S.-China relations. That was the observation of journalist Liu Yang, deputy newsroom director of China’s Global Times, who visited the U.S. recently as The Asia Foundation’s L. Z. Yuan Fellow in Media and International Relations.