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Approaches to Community Mediation in Asia

Tuesday, September 11, 2018
3:00-4:30 PM

Community-based mediation is a proven alternative or complementary mechanism for resolving conflict and ensuring equal access to justice in countries that face a combination of capacity, time and cost, and social and cultural constraints that limit public access to formal legal services. In Asia, mediated dispute resolution has facilitated access to justice for the poor, women, and other marginalized communities and proven an effective method to reduce tensions which could otherwise fracture social relations between and within communities, exacerbate ongoing conflicts, or create new ones. The Asia Foundation has supported community mediation programs customized to local contexts in 16 countries across Asia for decades, operating in partnership with government in some places, supporting civil society initiatives in others, and facilitating collaboration between formal and informal actors.


Dinesha de Silva, The Asia Foundation’s Country Representative in Sri Lanka

Preeti Thapa, The Asia Foundation’s Director of Justice and Governance Programs in Nepal

Michael Woolcock, Lead Social Development Specialist, The World Bank


Kim McQuay, The Asia Foundation’s Managing Director, Program Specialists Group

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