Afghanistan Flash Surveys in 2020-21

Perceptions of Peace, Covid-19, and the Economy
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A global pandemic made it impossible to conduct The Asia Foundation’s annual in-person Survey of the Afghan People this year. Instead, we carried out three waves of mobile phone surveys collecting the views of 4,303 Afghan adults from all 34 provinces over time. The Afghanistan Flash Surveys series is designed to actively track public sentiment on a focused set of topics to support policymakers as they navigate a country in transition. Fieldwork for Wave 1 took place September 6 to October 4, 2020; second and third wave data will be available soon. See 2019 Survey of the Afghan People.

Conducting a survey in a time of Covid: a smaller sample, using the phone

This survey was conducted using random digit dialing among a nationally representative sample of Afghan adults who use mobile phones. The 90 native-speaking Dari and Pashto interviewers, gender matched with respondents, used Tablet-Assisted Personal Interviewing and Research Control Solutions software.

Peace talks with the Taliban remain at the center of international and national attention. Against the backdrop of travel and in-person restrictions in 2020 due to Covid-19, timely access and tracking of Afghan perceptions is more urgent than ever

– Abdullah Ahmadzai, The Asia Foundation’s Country Representative in Afghanistan

Over half say peace is achievable within the next two years. A vast majority are unwilling to accept a peace agreement that results in women and girls no longer being able to attend school. Strong support for women in leadership roles remains.

Response to the Covid-19 pandemic

A majority of Afghans report they received adequate news and information on the pandemic, but most also said the government has not provided enough support.

Afghanistan in 2019: A Survey of the Afghan People

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Afghanistan in 2019:
A Survey of the Afghan People

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The longest-running barometer of Afghan opinion, the Survey of the Afghan People presents a clear picture of the gains and gaps that Afghans perceive in a rapidly transforming nation. The Survey, now on its fifteenth edition, has gathered the views of more than 129,000 Afghans since 2004 on security, reconciliation with the Taliban, migration, the role of women, elections and other key issues. Join the conversation on Twitter using #AfghanSurvey.