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In 1990, The Asia Foundation was the first nonprofit organization to be invited into Mongolia, and we have played a unique role in the country’s development since then, supporting its transition to a democracy and market economy. Current Foundation programs help to strengthen anti-corruption efforts and improve administrative reform; improve governance of cities and citizen engagement; increase gender equality; advance responsible resource use and environmental conservation; and support Mongolia’s multilateral foreign policy engagement. Read country overview.


A 2013 survey we conducted in partnership with Sant Maral Foundation indicates significantly fewer Mongolians feel that corruption was increased, just 18 percent compared with 63 percent in 2006. At the same time, corruption remains a serious problem in Mongolia. For decades, The Asia Foundation has actively supported Mongolia's transition to a democracy and market economy. The Independent Authority Against Corruption has been a Foundation partner since its inception in 2006 and has consistently been perceived to be the agency to lead anti-corruption efforts in Mongolia. In 2013, we helped them form the Partnership in Transparency Initiative, a network of 18 civil society organizations working together to spread the word about new legislation on conflict of interested and freedom of information. One joint effort with the Zorig Foundation included a Facebook video competition on the topic of conflict of interest. The three-week-long competition drew 60 submissions, 310,229 views, 10,629 likes, and 1,225 shares.

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