NIC Launches Training Program with Asia Foundation Support to Foster Semiconductor Talent in Central Vietnam

Program Year: 2024

With support from The Asia Foundation, the Vietnam National Innovation Center (NIC) launched the pilot training program, “Fundamentals of Microchip/Integrated Circuit Design and Fabrication,” to support young talents in central Vietnam by providing them with opportunities to learn about the semiconductor industry. The NIC is a strategic initiative established by the prime minister of Vietnam in 2019 to bolster the nation’s startup and innovation ecosystem while fostering science and technology-based economic growth. 

Four men sit on a couch and side chairs with a table covered with a blue cloth in front of them. A large screen with the program title and date is behind them.

Collaborating with international organizations and development partners like The Asia Foundation, NIC seeks to enhance workforce development to support Vietnam’s transition to a science, technology, and innovation-based economic model. Previous programs like the USAID-funded WISE initiative have underscored NIC’s commitment to this effort.

Taking place from March to June 2024, the newly launched “Fundamentals of Microchip/Integrated Circuit Design and Fabrication” program will enable 25 students and STEM teachers from central Vietnam to study in labs and engage in hands-on practice simulations to reinforce their learning and gain practical skills in microchip design and fabrication.

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