The Future of Work


Center for Disaster Philanthropy Supports The Asia Foundation’s Covid-19 Response Efforts in Myanmar and Nepal

October 14, 2020

News Post

The Asia Foundation has received a grant from the Center for Disaster Philanthropy’s Covid-19 Response Fund to support vulnerable communities in Myanmar and Nepal impacted by Covid-19. Across Asia, vulnerable communities such as women, youth, small- and medium-sized business (SMB) owners, and returnee migrant workers continue to be critically impac… Read more


The Asia Foundation and H&M Foundation Support Women Garment Workers in Bangladesh

September 1, 2020

News Post

The Asia Foundation has joined the H&M Foundation in a new partnership to coordinate immediate disaster relief for female garment workers in Bangladesh who have been impacted by Covid-19. In addition, through this partnership The Asia Foundation and the H&M Foundation are working to address the longer-term needs, welfare, and livelihoods of… Read more


The Future of Work: Another Storm on the Horizon for Thailand

August 19, 2020

Blog Post

Thailand has managed the pandemic with aplomb, and economic activity has begun to rebound, but like an invisible ocean tide, signs are emerging that Thailand is in the early stages of a far-reaching economic crisis.


Jobs and Small Businesses in the New Normal

July 22, 2020

Blog Post

In a still-locked-down Asia-Pacific, the world of work is becoming a world of screens. The digital economy can be a lifeline for both workers and small businesses as they struggle with Covid-19 and the future of work, but prosperity for all will require a delicate balancing act.


The Asia Foundation Supports APEC on “Covid-19, 4IR and the Future of Work” Policy Brief

July 6, 2020

News Post

Covid-19 is an unprecedented public health crisis that has led to staggering losses in economic activity and jobs. The pandemic will accelerate the adoption of automation by firms and organizations across the region, according to a new policy brief prepared by the APEC Policy Support Unit with the support of The Asia Foundation, titled Covid-19, 4I… Read more


The Future of Work Across ASEAN

February 27, 2020


The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) presents a variety of opportunities and challenges for the ASEAN region. With support from Microsoft, The Asia Foundation led a regional research program examining the challenges confronting ASEAN policymakers in the face of 4IR transformations and provided recommendations for how stakeholders can work togethe… Read more


Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the Future of Work: Implications for Asian Development Cooperation

December 26, 2019


Organized jointly by the Korea Development Institute School of Public Policy and Management and The Asia Foundation, the “Asian Approaches to Development Cooperation” (AADC) dialogue series brings together development experts and government officials from the Asia region and beyond to share perspectives and to facilitate mutual learning between and… Read more


How Mobile Tech is Making Migration More Secure and Less Costly

May 9, 2018

Blog Post

For millions of Nepali workers who have gone overseas for work in recent years, smartphones have become a crucial tool for navigating the highly complex and risky process of international migration. Yet despite this widespread smartphone usage, there remain serious information gaps between those seeking to migrate and the providers of important ser… Read more