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The Future of Work


The Asia Foundation Launches Accelerate My Business in Vietnam

May 20, 2024

Media Coverage Post

Phunu Vietnam, the media agency of Vietnam’s Women Union, and Kenh VTC16 Channel, a major public broadcaster, highlighted the launch of the Accelerate My Business (AMB) program. AMB aims to build the capacity and development of women entrepreneurs in Vietnam. With funding from Visa, The Asia Foundation is supporting a local partner, the Center for… Read more


Explore Digital: Championing Sustainability through Digital Innovation

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Events Post

10 AM – 11:15 AM UTC+7 Embracing sustainability practices is crucial for small businesses, but maintaining profitability amidst these efforts can be challenging. On May 21, 2024, Go Digital ASEAN’s Explore Digital speaker series hosts a free virtual event: “Championing Sustainability through Digital Innovation.” The event will offer an opportunity… Read more


STEM ConnectHER Speaker Series: Career Opportunities in Global Companies, Cybersecurity, AI, and Cloud

May 8, 2024, and May 11, 2024

Events Post

May 8: 9:30 AM India, 12:00 PM Singapore, 1:00 PM Japan/Korea; May 11: 10:00 AM Japan/Korea, 9 AM Singapore, 6:30 AM India The Foundation’s STEMConnectHER initiative, a program a part of the Future Skills Alliance, is hosting two virtual events this May about career opportunities and building careers in global companies, cybersecurity, AI, and clou… Read more


Explore Digital: Empowering MSMEs in their Journey to Digitalization

May 8, 2024

Events Post

In an increasingly digital world, it is essential for MSMEs to take steps towards enhancing their digital capabilities. On May 8, Go Digital ASEAN’s speaker series Explore Digital is hosting a free virtual event titled “Empowering MSMEs in their Journey to Digitalization.” Join us to explore the top tools and platforms businesses use to digitalize… Read more


APAC Cybersecurity Fund Overview

April 19, 2024

Publication, Google’s philanthropic arm, has provided $15M to The Asia Foundation to launch the APAC Cybersecurity Fund in partnership with CyberPeace Institute and Global Cyber Alliance to bolster the cyber capabilities of 300,000 underserved micro and small businesses, nonprofits, and social enterprises. Working with implementing organizations and… Read more


Go Digital ASEAN’s Explore Digital Hosts Virtual Event on Leveraging Digital Solutions for Business Resilience

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Events Post

10:00 – 11:00 AM GMT +7 Digital solutions are increasingly important for businesses, but mentorship and networking to advance entrepreneurs’ knowledge aren’t always accessible. On April 24, Go Digital ASEAN’s speaker series Explore Digital is hosting a free virtual event titled “Leveraging Digital Solutions for Business Resilience.” Join us as we d… Read more


Virtual STEM ConnectHER Series on Utilizing AI for Social Impact

April 25, 2024

Events Post

9:30 AM India, 12 PM Singapore, and 1 PM Japan As AI expands, The Asia Foundation is exploring its ethical applications and potential for social impact. Our STEM ConnectHER Speaker Series, hosted with Cisco, will discuss how AI and data collection can be pivotal in saving endangered species and how your everyday photos can contribute to global biod… Read more

A group of people stand in front of a presentation screen with trophies in hand. 

Future of Work in Nepal: Conference on Artificial Intelligence

April 4, 2024

Program Snapshot Post

AI technology is rapidly expanding worldwide, whether in regular individuals’ lives, research, or advances in health and agriculture. Adaptation of this technology is becoming increasingly important in any country, particularly one developing artificial intelligence. In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Robotics… Read more


Accelerate My Business Impact: Somi Bhagat Guragain’s Story

April 3, 2024

Program Snapshot Post

Micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) are vital to Nepal’s economy, comprising 90% of businesses and 45% of jobs, employing 2.7 million people. However, despite their significance, women-led enterprises often lack essential skills and financial support. To address this disparity, The Asia Foundation’s Accelerate My Business Program (AM… Read more

Three women and one man sit on a couch and chair on stage. A graphic with the conference title is displayed on the screen behind them. 

Rewriting Gender Paradigms for Women Pursuing Careers in Data and Technology in Nepal

April 1, 2024

Program Snapshot Post

The Women in Data (WiD) Steering Committee, comprised of 12 Nepali organizations with years of study and experience, advocates for fair opportunities for women in data and technology and aims to create a more inclusive industry. The Women in Data Conference is a recurring event in Nepal, held annually to address pertinent issues surrounding gender… Read more


The Asia Foundation Spotlights Women’s Vital Role in Cambodia’s Tech Sector

March 25, 2024

Program Snapshot Post

On March 6, The Asia Foundation hosted an International Women’s Day 2024 Event in collaboration with the Women in Tek Network (WTN) Chapter Cambodia. The event provided a platform for networking and collaboration among women technology entrepreneurs from the WTN and beyond, and key participants from Cambodia’s private and public sectors. It also ai… Read more

Four men sit on a couch with a table covered with a blue cloth in front of them. A large screen with the program title written in Vietnamese is behind them. 

NIC Launches Training Program with Asia Foundation Support to Foster Semiconductor Talent in Central Vietnam

March 22, 2024

Program Snapshot Post

With support from The Asia Foundation, the Vietnam National Innovation Center (NIC) launched the pilot training program, “Fundamentals of Microchip/Integrated Circuit Design and Fabrication,” to support young talents in central Vietnam by providing them with opportunities to learn about the semiconductor industry. The NIC is a strategic initiative… Read more


The Asia Foundation and University of Delhi Join Forces to Enhance Women with Digital Skills Through Skills2Work Initiative

March 14, 2024

Media Coverage Post

Dainik Jagran, an Indian Hindi language newspaper, showcases the recent Memorandum of Understanding signed between The Asia Foundation and the University of Dehli to build digital proficiency and job readiness for its students. Utilizing the Visa-supported program Skills2Work, The Asia Foundation will partner with the university to skill 1,500 wome… Read more


e27 Features Go Digital ASEAN’s Impact on Leveling the Digital Playing Field

March 14, 2024

Media Coverage Post

e27, Asia’s largest Tech media platform, highlights the success of the Foundation’s supported Go Digital ASEAN program in leveling the digital playing field for women entrepreneurs.  While the digital economy teems with potential, women entrepreneurs must possess the skills to fully harness those opportunities for business growth. T… Read more


APAC Cybersecurity Fund, Supported by, to Bolster Cyber Capabilities of Up to 2,500 MSMEs in Japan

March 7, 2024

Program Snapshot Post

The APAC Cybersecurity Fund aims to build an inclusive and safe digital ecosystem for all by connecting small businesses and vulnerable groups to local training opportunities and resources to improve cybersecurity resilience. The Asia Foundation works to protect local communities and students from online threats by providing upskilling tools and cy… Read more


The Asia Foundation’s Future Skills Alliance Launches Phase Two of STEM ConnectHER, Paving the Way for Women in STEM

March 1, 2024

News Post

The Asia Foundation’s Future Skills Alliance (FSA) launches the second phase of STEM ConnectHER. The initiative aims to promote women’s participation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in Asia and the Pacific. Building on its successful pilot in 2021, the program will expand its network in Korea, Japan, India, Malaysia, and… Read more


APEC Highlights Go Digital ASEAN in Digital Skills Development Report for Asia-Pacific

February 23, 2024

Media Coverage Post

The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) spotlights The Asia Foundation’s Go Digital ASEAN initiative as a case study in the report “Enhance the Cross-Border Development of Skilled Professionals across the APEC Region.” The report emphasizes the urgent need for skilled professions in Asia and the Pacific and showcases ongoing skills development… Read more


The Asia Foundation and Partnership Featured in Coverage of APAC Cybersecurity Fund in Sri Lanka

February 20, 2024

Media Coverage Post

DailyFT, a Sri Lankan business and financial news outlet, highlights the APAC Cybersecurity Fund in its coverage of The Asia Foundation and its partners’ program initiatives in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, which ranked 81st out of 175 countries in 2020’s National Cyber Security Index, scoring especially low in protection for digital and essential servi… Read more


Accelerate My Business Empowers Women Entrepreneurs in Koshi, Nepal

January 23, 2024

Program Snapshot Post

Through our Accelerate My Business Program (AMB) under the South Asian Governance Program, The Asia Foundation has successfully trained over 300 women-led small businesses in Koshi province, Nepal. The initiative is implemented with support from Visa and in partnership with Vrock and Company, the Federation of Women Entrepreneurs Association (FWEAN… Read more


APAC Cybersecurity Fund

October 9, 2023

Program Snapshot Post, Google’s philanthropic arm, is providing $15M to The Asia Foundation to launch the APAC Cybersecurity Fund in partnership with CyberPeace Institute and Global Cyber Alliance to bolster the cyber capabilities of 300,000 underserved micro and small businesses, nonprofits, and social enterprises. Working with implementing organizations and… Read more


Singapore’s MoneyFM 89.3 Explores Go Digital ASEAN’s Impact on MSMEs and Underserved Communities

September 8, 2023

Media Coverage Post

Singapore’s MoneyFM 89.3 features Go Digital ASEAN in an interview with The Asia Foundation’s Mehreen Tanvirand and’s Marija Ralic. They spoke with with Saturday Mornings’ Glenn van Zutphen and Neil Humphreys on how Go Digital ASEAN is supporting and training micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) and underserved communities i… Read more


The Asia Foundation Partners with Mastercard to Launch Program Aiming to Reach 100,000 Entrepreneurs by 2025

Kuala Lumpur, June 26, 2023

News Post

Today, Mastercard announced Mastercard Strive Malaysia to support Malaysia’s growth and digitalization priorities. In collaboration with The Asia Foundation, the program aims to digitalize and support the growth of 100,000 micro-and small enterprises (MSEs), focusing on women-owned and women-led businesses. The program strives to meet the evolving… Read more


Addressing the Digital Skills Gap in the Asia-Pacific: What’s in it for the Private Sector?

June 14, 2023

Blog Post

As powerful technologies like artificial intelligence continue to generate headlines, digital skills have never been in greater demand. Asia’s private sector is well positioned to help meet that demand—and to profit.


Skills2Work caps Customer Experience Training Pilot in Malaysia to Address Talent Gap

June 5, 2023

Program Snapshot Post

On June 2, 2023, Skills2Work welcomed 32 Malaysian graduates of the Customer Experience (CX) Pathway to its alum network after completing the three-week training program. Despite the disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Global Business Services (GBS) industry witnessed substantial growth. According to MSC Malaysia, there are 579 active GBS comp… Read more


The Asia Foundation’s Go Digital ASEAN and Celebrate Digital Learning in Singapore

May 23, 2023

Media Coverage Post

The Keyword, a blog produced by, highlights Go Digital ASEAN and its partnership with Hatch in coverage of the “Grow with Go for SMEs” event celebrating digital learning programs in Singapore. The Go Digital ASEAN initiative broadens participation in the digital economy and reaches marginalized communities with the most to gain from digi… Read more


Digital Skilling in Asia and the Pacific: Efforts of Asia-Pacific’s Corporate Sector

April 19, 2023


Over the past decade, public and private sector institutions have implemented a wide range of digital skilling programs. Given the demand for upskilling and re-skilling the workforce, these programs often have overlapping audiences, objectives, and content. A plethora of digital skilling programs are beneficial to the Asia-Pacific population, but d… Read more


Malaysia’s Skills2Work Initiative Highlighted in BFM’s Evening Edition

April 10, 2023

Media Coverage Post

BFM: The Business Station’s “Evening Edition” spotlights The Asia Foundation’s Skills2Work program in an interview with Foundation Program Manager Anusuya Krishnan.  Last month, we celebrated International Women’s Day and this year’s theme is DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality. We discuss women in tech and what it takes to… Read more

A woman works on a machine 

The Asia Foundation and Visa Partner to Bridge the Gender Digital Skills Gap in Asia and the Pacific

April 4, 2023

News Post

The Asia Foundation, through its Future Skills Alliance, is collaborating with Visa to address the growing gender digital skills divide in Asia and the Pacific. The partnership aims to broaden participation in the digital economy among women who are either at the early stages of their careers, returning to work, or running their businesses. Through… Read more


STEM ConnectHer Celebrates International Women’s Day in Malaysia

March 14, 2023

Media Coverage Post

BFM: The Business Station, a Malaysia-based independent radio station, highlights The Asia Foundation’s STEM ConnecterHER program and the Foundation’s Qistina Kamarudin, in an episode of “Inside Story”. In line with International Women’s Day last week, and the International Day of Women and Girls in Science last month, we’re looking into women and… Read more


Roadmap for Action on the Care Economy in Asia and the Pacific

February 15, 2023


Drawing on the input and expertise of Bali Care Economy Dialogue participants, this Roadmap for Action is a co-created regional agenda for building a resilient care ecosystem in Asia and the Pacific. Beginning with an overview of key issues discussed at the Dialogue, the Roadmap for Action lays out overarching priorities, key asks, and important an… Read more


Toward a Resilient Care Ecosystem in Asia and the Pacific: Reflections on the Bali Care Economy Dialogue

Canberra, Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Events Post

The Asia Foundation, UN Women, and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade are pleased to invite you to a virtual reflection session that will provide an overview of a recent regional convening—the Bali Care Economy Dialogue—that took place in November 2022 to leverage global momentum around transforming the care economy while elevat… Read more


Asia Foundation Spotlights Evolution of Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Malaysia

January 23, 2023

Media Coverage Post

Penang Monthly, a publication owned by the Penang Institute, features an article co-authored by The Asia Foundation’s technical and vocational education and training (TVET) expert Nadya Subramaniam on how the TVET system in Malaysia has shifted notably towards efforts to streamline governance and improve collaboration with industry players. TVET IN… Read more


Accelerate My Business Executive Summary Report 2022

January 13, 2023


Disruption to labor markets brought by Covid-19, alongside rapid digitalization, created a ‘double disruption’ for marginalized sectors in the Asia-Pacific region. The micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME) sector has generally suffered in the Asia-Pacific region, but female entrepreneurs were most affected. They have been facing challenges su… Read more


Toward a Resilient Care Ecosystem in Asia and the Pacific

January 12, 2023


There is growing recognition that care work is both a ubiquitous and critical social and economic activity. Globally, care providers support over one billion people, including children, elderly adults, and people with disabilities. While some are paid for this work, most are women from marginalized backgrounds who are unpaid or poorly paid and lack… Read more


Care Economy a Key Focus of The Asia Foundation’s Work to Advance Gender Equality

December 19, 2022

Program Snapshot Post

Globally, care workers support over one billion people, including young children, aging adults, and people with disabilities. While some are paid for this work, most care providers are unpaid and lack adequate family support to redistribute care responsibilities. Paid care workers also lack support from their governments in accessing the critical s… Read more


Experts to Call for Policy Reform in the Care Sector Across Asia-Pacific

Ubud, November 10, 2022

News Post

A high-level meeting in Bali, Indonesia, this week will seek to position care work as a priority for economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region, where women perform 80 percent of the total amount of unpaid care work—larger than any other region in the world. The Bali Care Economy Dialogue from 12-14 November will convene approximately 70 experts fr… Read more


It’s Time to Build a Resilient Care Ecosystem for Asia and the Pacific

November 9, 2022

Blog Post

Unpaid caregiving has become an insupportable burden for economies in Asia and the Pacific. On the eve of the G20 Summit, the Bali Care Economy Dialogue will mobilize governments, business, and civil society to forge a regional agenda.


The Asia Foundation Upskills Job Seekers in the Philippines through the Skills2Work Program’s Customer Experience Pathway

October 30, 2022

Program Snapshot Post

Skills2Work launched its pilot program in the Philippines on October 10, training a concentrated group of learners from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. As various industries recover from the pandemic, retrenched workers and career shifters look to start or pursue a career in Customer Experience (CX). Coupled with the increased demand for CX skills in… Read more


The Multiplier: Girls’ STEM Education

October 12, 2022

Blog Post

As Asian economies grow ever more online, STEM education has emerged as a vital pathway to the future of work for girls and young women.


Asia Foundation Launches STEM ConnectHER: A Pan-Regional Network-of-Networks to Support Early-in-Career Women in STEM

October 10, 2022

Program Snapshot Post

The Asia Foundation has launched the STEM ConnectHER initiative as a pan-regional “network-of-networks” to connect and aims to support early-in-career women in STEM through mentorship, speaker series, and resources for leadership and capacity development. The pilot program involves member organizations in Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Cambodia… Read more


Accelerate My Business Provides Vital Digital Skills for 6000 Women Across Malaysia and Indonesia

September 29, 2022

Program Snapshot Post

Over 6,000 women across Malaysia and Indonesia have gained access to vital digital skills to grow their small businesses through the Accelerate My Business program. Designed to address the challenges women entrepreneurs face today, the ongoing curriculum includes live, instructor-led virtual training sessions, self-paced learning, engaging speaker… Read more

Women, wearing masks, work on training activities on phones 

The Asia Foundation Partners with U.S. Commerce Department to Launch Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity Upskilling Initiative

San Francisco, September 9, 2022

News Post

Private Sector Commitments Will Provide Digital Skills to Seven Million Women and Girls Today, the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) launched the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF) Upskilling Initiative. This public-private endeavor supports sustainable and inclusive economic growt… Read more

Speakers on stage at National Forum in Mongolia on Increasing Women’s Participation in the Economy 

Asia Foundation Co-host National Forum in Mongolia on Increasing Women’s Participation in the Economy

Ulaanbaatar, September 6, 2022

News Post

The President of Mongolia, the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the International Women’s Federation of Commerce and Industry, and The Asia Foundation organized a national forum on “Enhancing Women’s Participation in Economic Development”. The hybrid event was attended by over 800 participants, including representatives of Mongo… Read more


Digital Skills for Inclusive Growth—Reaching the Hard-to-Reach in Southeast Asia

August 31, 2022

Blog Post

Now more than ever, Asia’s smallest businesses and entrepreneurs need to be online. This project has already trained nearly a quarter million.

Screenshot of Google blog on Go Digital ASEAN 

Google President for Asia Pacific Scott Beaumont Highlights Go Digital ASEAN Initiative

June 27, 2022

Media Coverage Post

Google blog The Keyword spotlights The Asia Foundation’s Go Digital ASEAN initiative in a piece written by Google’s President for the Asia Pacific, Scott Beaumont, on the company’s continued commitment to micro, small and medium enterprises in the Asia Pacific. The Go Digital ASEAN initiative broadens digital skills participation in 10 countries fo… Read more


“Go Digital ASEAN” Impact Summary Report: MSMEs, Job Seekers Benefit from Digital Skills Training

June 27, 2022

News Post

The ASEAN Coordinating Committee on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (ACCMSME) and The Asia Foundation released the Go Digital ASEAN Impact Summary Report today to mark this year’s international Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day (MSME) Day. Implemented in ten ASEAN Member States in 2021 and 2022, the US$3.3M “Go Digital ASEAN” public… Read more

Group photo of women entrepreneurs standing behind their work 

Accelerate Sulu Exhibit Showcases the Craftsmanship of Women Entrepreneurs

June 8, 2022

Program Snapshot Post

On May 26-28, Women entrepreneurs from Sulu joined a three-day exhibit in Manila, Anyam-Hablun: An Exhibition of Weaving Arts of Women of Sulu, to showcase their artistic creations. The exhibit is part of Accelerate Sulu: Women’s Entrepreneurship for Peace, an initiative to improve quality of life, increase employment opportunities, and promote ove… Read more


Go Digital ASEAN Highlighted at U.S.- ASEAN Special Summit

May 23, 2022

Media Coverage Post

The Foundation’s Go Digital ASEAN initiative was profiled at the U.S.-ASEAN Special Summit in Washington D.C. The summit underscored the importance of U.S.-ASEAN cooperation and included the 10-country regional initiative as key to increasing opportunities for education, training, and upskilling in Southeast Asia. Private Sector Initiatives: Leadin… Read more

Man training woman 

Go Digital ASEAN Develops Specialized Curricula for ASEAN Countries

May 4, 2022

Program Snapshot Post

Implemented by The Asia Foundation, with support from, Google’s philanthropic arm, the initiative trained over 225,000 people from rural regions and underserved communities—including entrepreneurs, underemployed youth, and women. Launched in June 2020, phase one of Go Digital ASEAN focused on closing the digital gap across ASEAN and was… Read more


Go Digital ASEAN Featured Across Local News Outlets in Southeast Asia

May 3, 2022

Media Coverage Post

The Go Digital ASEAN initiative has been profiled in over 87 media stories across Indonesia and Thailand. Notable local outlets include Antara News, Jakarta Globe, Bangkok Biz News, and Thai Fintech. In partnership with, the Go Digital ASEAN initiative is expanding digital literacy across Southeast Asia to unlock new economic opportuniti… Read more


Future Skills Alliance

April 22, 2022


Economic recovery in Asia post-Covid-19 will require businesses, governments, and nonprofits to collaborate to future-proof and re-skill people for new opportunities in the digital economy. Together with rapid digitalization and changes in the job market, Covid-19 created “double disruption” for workers across the region, with women, youth, and oth… Read more


Asia Foundation partners with AT&T and Visa to launch “Accelerate” in Malaysia and Indonesia

February 8, 2022

News Post

The Asia Foundation is collaborating with AT&T and Visa to launch the Accelerate program, an initiative that will help 6,000 women-led micro, small and medium-sized (MSMEs) enterprises in rural and remote communities gain practical skills to sustain and grow their business. In Malaysia, this initiative is fully endorsed and supported by the Min… Read more

Screenshot of the Financial Times live panel 

Financial Times ‘Digital Divide’ Panel Features Sofia Shakil

July 27, 2021

Media Coverage Post

The Asia Foundation’s Director for Economic Programs, Sofia Shakil, spoke at a July 22nd virtual webinar, “Strategies for Addressing the Asia-Pacific Digital Divide – Increasing Connectivity to Drive Economic Recovery,” organized by Financial Times. Examining the role of digital access strategies to reduce social inequality and drive post-pandemic… Read more


Eyeing Post-Covid Recovery, Malaysia’s Small Businesses Go Digital

June 23, 2021

Blog Post

In the baffling post-Covid economy, where bricks-and-mortar firms stand empty and laid-off workers and small entrepreneurs struggle for a livelihood, the importance of online business skills has skyrocketed.


Asia Foundation’s Go Digital ASEAN Initiative Highlighted in Interview with APAC Lead

May 20, 2021

Media Coverage Post

The Asia Foundation’s Go Digital ASEAN project and its activities in Singapore and Indonesia featured on Singapore’s Money FM 89.3 in a radio interview with’s APAC lead Marija Ralic. The digital literacy initiative spans Southeast Asia and will train up to 200,000 people in marginalized communities across the region. Listen to the segmen… Read more

a woman presents a slideshow to trainees outside 

Go Digital ASEAN: Free Digital Skills Training Now Open to 25,000 Filipinos through The Asia Foundation with Support from

Manila, May 6, 2021

News Post

Aiming to close the digital gap for 200,000 micro, small and medium business owners in Southeast Asia, The Asia Foundation, Pailig Development Foundation, Clevergrit Web Services, and Yoveo Digital, with support from, Google’s philanthropic arm, have teamed up to provide digital literacy training through the Go Digital ASEAN regional ini… Read more


The Future of Work for Women in the Pacific Islands

March 17, 2021

Blog Post

Working women in the Pacific Islands face a trifecta of challenges from Covid-19, climate change, and disruptive technology. A new report from The Asia Foundation takes a hard look at the path to a better future.


For International Women’s Day, Conversations with Some Remarkable Women

March 3, 2021

Blog Post

In honor of International Women’s Day, our hosts John Rieger and Tracie Yang celebrate some of the remarkable women we’ve met in the past year on the InAsia podcast.


The Future of Work for Women in the Pacific Islands

February 26, 2021


The Future of Work for Women in the Pacific Islands highlights challenges and opportunities women face in the context of the pandemic, climate change, and the imperatives of technology-led change. Across the Pacific there are pronounced gender disparities in labor market participation and the types and level of work women and men perform. Pacific w… Read more


Virtual Event – The Economist’s Technology for Change Week Asia

Singapore, March 8-12, 2021

Events Post

The Covid-19 pandemic alone has plunged over 490 million people back into poverty, magnifying inequalities around the world. How can Asia lead the world in harnessing the power of technology for change? The Asia Foundation is pleased to support The Economist’s inaugural Technology for Change Week Asia, a virtual summit bringing together 700+ leadin… Read more


The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Future of Work: Implications for Asian Development Cooperation

January 26, 2021


Advanced technologies like automation have utterly transformed economies, livelihoods, labor markets, and workplaces throughout Asia. Hundreds of millions of laborers have been lifted out of poverty as new technology applications created new jobs and industries. At the same time, millions were left behind without access to vital technologies and in… Read more


The Best InAsia Podcasts and Posts of 2020

January 7, 2021

Blog Post

The year of the pandemic was a long, discontented winter that the glorious sun forgot. But it was a year we dug deep into the voices and ideas of our colleagues across Asia in our new InAsia Podcast.


The Asia Foundation Supports APEC Policy Brief on Women, Covid-19, and the Future of Work

January 4, 2021

News Post

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) economies are expecting severe economic repercussions from Covid-19. According to Women, Covid-19, and the Future of Work a new policy brief prepared by the APEC Policy Support Unit with the support of The Asia Foundation, women will face disproportionate impacts caused by the pandemic. The policy brief… Read more


Applications Open for YSEALI Workshop on Future Workforce

December 31, 2020

News Post

The Asia Foundation is inviting applications for the 2021 YSEALI Future Workforce Workshop implemented by the Foundation with the U.S. Embassy in Singapore. The Workshop, for students, entrepreneurs, and young professionals ages 20-35 from across ASEAN will be held virtually from May 16 to May 23, 2021. The virtual workshop will include a series of… Read more


Google and Alphabet CEO Highlights Go Digital ASEAN at Singapore FinTech Festival

December 8, 2020

Media Coverage Post

Sundar Pichai profiles the Go Digital ASEAN initiative at the 2020 Singapore FinTech Festival. Implemented by The Asia Foundation, with support from, the 10-country regional project equips micro and small enterprises and underemployed youth, particularly those in rural and isolated areas, with crucial digital skills and tools across the… Read more


Tech Solutions for Youth with Disabilities in Singapore

December 4, 2020

Program Snapshot Post

With support from, Google’s philanthropic arm, The Asia Foundation partnered with Engineering Good to engage with student teams from high schools and junior colleges to create simple, user-friendly solutions for youth with disabilities to improve their employability. Mentors from Google, Engineering Good, and local community partners gui… Read more


Manila Bulletin Spotlights Go Digital ASEAN

October 30, 2020

Media Coverage Post

Manila Bulletin highlights Go Digital ASEAN in a featured article by Google Philippines Country Director Bernadette Nacario on the nation’s new wave of internet users. The 10-country digital literacy initiative will train up to 200,000 people in marginalized communities across the region, 60 percent of them women. The Asia Foundation’s Go Digital A… Read more


How to Sell an Avocado on Facebook

October 28, 2020

Blog Post

The InAsia Podcast takes a field trip to northwestern Thailand, where a small farmer far from the big city learns about online marketing and how to tell the story of her unique avocados.


Center for Disaster Philanthropy Supports The Asia Foundation’s Covid-19 Response Efforts in Myanmar and Nepal

October 14, 2020

News Post

The Asia Foundation has received a grant from the Center for Disaster Philanthropy’s Covid-19 Response Fund to support vulnerable communities in Myanmar and Nepal impacted by Covid-19. Across Asia, vulnerable communities such as women, youth, small- and medium-sized business (SMB) owners, and returnee migrant workers continue to be critically impac… Read more


Podcast: Bulldozing ASEAN’s Digital Divide

September 2, 2020

Blog Post

Southeast Asia may be mad for social media, but peek behind the smartphone mania and the skills to get a job in the new economy or take a small business online are still in short supply. As the pandemic turns up the pressure to go digital, a new project from The Asia Foundation and is about to change that.


The Asia Foundation and H&M Foundation Support Women Garment Workers in Bangladesh

September 1, 2020

News Post

The Asia Foundation has joined the H&M Foundation in a new partnership to coordinate immediate disaster relief for female garment workers in Bangladesh who have been impacted by Covid-19. In addition, through this partnership The Asia Foundation and the H&M Foundation are working to address the longer-term needs, welfare, and livelihoods of… Read more


The Future of Work: Another Storm on the Horizon for Thailand

August 19, 2020

Blog Post

Thailand has managed the pandemic with aplomb, and economic activity has begun to rebound, but like an invisible ocean tide, signs are emerging that Thailand is in the early stages of a far-reaching economic crisis.

Man training woman 

Go Digital ASEAN Impacting 4000 Youth and MSMEs in Brunei

August 4, 2020

Program Snapshot Post

Go Digital ASEAN will deliver training to 4,000 micro-entrepreneurs and underemployed youth in Brunei, including those from ethnic minorities and those with disabilities. The program addresses Brunei’s rising unemployment rate and expands economic opportunity to minimize the negative impacts of Covid-19. On July 16, The Asia Foundation held a count… Read more


Jobs and Small Businesses in the New Normal

July 22, 2020

Blog Post

In a still-locked-down Asia-Pacific, the world of work is becoming a world of screens. The digital economy can be a lifeline for both workers and small businesses as they struggle with Covid-19 and the future of work, but prosperity for all will require a delicate balancing act.


Go Digital ASEAN Launches in Brunei

July 20, 2020

Media Coverage Post

Biz Brunei, The Star, The Scoop, and Borneo Bulletin profiles the Go Digital ASEAN initiative’s national launch event in Brunei. Go Digital ASEAN is a regional initiative implemented by The Asia Foundation with the support of bringing digital integration and literacy to underserved communities including underemployed youth workers. The S… Read more


The Asia Foundation Supports APEC on “Covid-19, 4IR and the Future of Work” Policy Brief

July 6, 2020

News Post

Covid-19 is an unprecedented public health crisis that has led to staggering losses in economic activity and jobs. The pandemic will accelerate the adoption of automation by firms and organizations across the region, according to a new policy brief prepared by the APEC Policy Support Unit with the support of The Asia Foundation, titled Covid-19, 4I… Read more


Nikkei Asian Review Highlights Go Digital ASEAN

June 30, 2020

Media Coverage Post

Nikkei Asian Review features The Asia Foundation and the Go Digital ASEAN initiative in an op-ed written by President of Google Asia Pacific Scott Beaumont. Third, in places where there are intractable digital access gaps that need special attention, we should put in place more targeted programs to rebalance the scales. The Asia Foundation — with… Read more

Man training woman 

ASEAN and The Asia Foundation, with Support from, Collaborate to Equip 200,000 Micro and Small Enterprises with Digital Skills and Tools Amidst the Covid-19 Crisis

San Francisco, June 22, 2020

News Post

The ASEAN Coordinating Committee on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (ACCMSME) and The Asia Foundation have come together, to launch the Go Digital ASEAN initiative. Supported by a USD3.3m grant from, the initiative is designed to equip micro and small enterprises as well as underemployed youth, particularly those in rural and isolate… Read more


Thomson Reuters Spotlights Digital Gap for Women-Led Microbusinesses

May 14, 2020

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A Thomson Reuters Foundation feature article, “Digital lifeline for women running Asia’s small businesses,” examines digital access for marginalized groups across Southeast Asia, facing financial pressures long before Covid-19. Go Digital ASEAN is a new digital literacy initiative supported by, Google’s philanthropic arm, to train up to… Read more

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Southeast Asia’s Microbusinesses Go Digital to Compete

May 13, 2020

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Covid-19 in Southeast Asia is hitting small, mom-and-pop businesses particularly hard. As other enterprises move online to survive, can the region’s microentrepreneurs compete without digital tools? It will be a challenge.


The Future of Work Across ASEAN

February 27, 2020


The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) presents a variety of opportunities and challenges for the ASEAN region. With support from Microsoft, The Asia Foundation led a regional research program examining the challenges confronting ASEAN policymakers in the face of 4IR transformations and provided recommendations for how stakeholders can work togethe… Read more


Insider Briefing: Navigating the Future of Work in the Asia-Pacific

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

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This conversation will examine how COVID-19 has hastened digitalization and technological innovation in labor markets, jeopardizing the livelihoods of many Asia-Pacific workers and increasing the need for dynamic, market-aligned upskilling and reskilling. Featuring John Karr, Senior Director, Technology Programs, The Asia Foundation Oliver Petzold,… Read more


Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the Future of Work: Implications for Asian Development Cooperation

December 26, 2019


Organized jointly by the Korea Development Institute School of Public Policy and Management and The Asia Foundation, the “Asian Approaches to Development Cooperation” (AADC) dialogue series brings together development experts and government officials from the Asia region and beyond to share perspectives and to facilitate mutual learning between and… Read more


Asia Foundation Launches “Accelerate Women’s Entrepreneurship Program” in Shanghai

Beijing, March 17, 2019

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Today marks the launch of the inaugural class of The Asia Foundation’s “Accelerate Women’s Entrepreneurship: Supporting Migrant Women-Owned Businesses” program in Shanghai, China. This program is part of Moody’s Reshape Tomorrow™ initiative, an innovative global program to help owners of small and growing businesses and made possible by a gr… Read more


How Mobile Tech is Making Migration More Secure and Less Costly

May 9, 2018

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For millions of Nepali workers who have gone overseas for work in recent years, smartphones have become a crucial tool for navigating the highly complex and risky process of international migration. Yet despite this widespread smartphone usage, there remain serious information gaps between those seeking to migrate and the providers of important ser… Read more