KPPL Maju Bersama: The First Women’s Group Involved in Social Forestry in Indonesia

Program Year: 2024

Kerinci Seblat National Park (KSNP) plays a vital role in biodiversity conservation in Indonesia. Maintaining the sustainability of forests is crucial, as they serve as a key water source for the community, support livelihoods, and contribute significantly to people’s well-being by ensuring access to clean water and enhancing food security.

A woman wearing a yellow shirt, boots, and a traditional headscarf and hat sits on the forest ground, overlooking trees.

In Bengkulu province, a group of women living near the Kerinci Seblat Nasional Park (KNSP) formed KPPL Maju Bersama, Indonesia’s first women’s group involved in social forestry. Initially unaware of their forest management rights due to entrenched patriarchal values, the Foundation and local partner, LiVE Bengkulu, with funding from’s Impact Challenge for Women and Girls, facilitated capacity-building activities and supported efforts to obtain legal forest management rights.

A group of women sit on a platform structure with a roof. They are seated in a circle and the forest is behind them.

With funding from’s Impact Challenge for Women and Girls, The Asia Foundation’s Environmental Governance program works with local partner LivE Bengkulu to empower women and the local community in forest management and foster equality and economic development.

Through various training sessions, including participatory mapping with technology, GEDSI mainstreaming, and improving women-led small enterprises, KPPL Maju Bersama learned to utilize kecombrang (honje) and developed a small-scale business producing honje-based products like syrup, torch ginger crackers, fern crackers, and fern sticks.

Freshly made Peyek Kecombrang ina shallow strainer.

The members of KPPL Maju Bersama, the pioneers of this network, highlight women’s significant impact in addressing climate change, improving food security, and promoting sustainable forest management. Their dedication to environmental preservation and community welfare drives their collective efforts.

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