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Future of Work in Nepal: Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Program Year: 2024

AI technology is rapidly expanding worldwide, whether in regular individuals’ lives, research, or advances in health and agriculture. Adaptation of this technology is becoming increasingly important in any country, particularly one developing artificial intelligence. In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Robotics Association Nepal, and a myriad of local partners, The Asia Foundation held the “Conference on Artificial Intelligence for Prosperous Nepal” on March 3, emphasizing the future of work.

A large audience sits on couches and white chairs in a room with high ceilings and decorative lights.

The conference focused on the ethics, practicality, and developmental implications of AI for Nepal’s AI technology sector. National and international experts were in attendance to participate in critical discussions, present their research, work on AI and robotics, and deliver keynote speeches. Attendees explored various facets of AI, including its policy implications in relation to national development and its potential applications in the market. Breakout sessions featured presentations from tech experts on combating misinformation and disinformation. The final panel discussion focused on strategies to accelerate the Nepali innovation industry through AI.

A large group of people stand in front of large presentation screen. In front of them is a table and a purple and patterned couch.

Following the conference, the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MoEST) delivered its resolution on the country’s AI policy framework. This framework will be shared with partner organizations, stakeholders, and participants for input. The Ministry aims to align the policy with national development goals to foster more innovation in various sectors with government support and existing frameworks that enable research to transform fields like healthcare.

The resolution from MoEST stresses collaboration, capacity building, meaningful public service, and the integration of artificial intelligence into education, agriculture, and the industrial sector, among other things. It also emphasizes the necessity of continuous research and innovation to ensure Nepal stays ahead in the rapidly evolving field while also emphasizing the importance of ethical considerations and data privacy in the development and implementation of AI technologies.

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