Kyle Barker


A New Chapter for a Storied Books Program

February 21, 2024


The Asia Foundation’s oldest program, Books for Asia, has a new name and a new mission.


The High-Tech Jobs of Tomorrow Depend on Children’s Books Today

June 19, 2019


The most valuable skills children can gain in school are not specific to jobs or technology, but rather skills associated with creative problem-solving and curiosity. Words like “fun” and “children’s storybooks” are not often used when discussing how to prepare today’s youth for the high-tech jobs of tomorrow, but they need to be. The most valuable… Read more


Creating Books that Preserve Cultures and Improve Literacy

September 6, 2017


Along a rutted, dirt road, high in the mountains of Northern Thailand near the border with Myanmar, a clearing in the thick jungle forest provides stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Hidden in the thick carpet of trees below is the remote village of Khun Tae. An expansion of the electrical grid and widening cellular coverage in… Read more