Technology & Development

As technology access expands dramatically and smartphones link millions across Asia, we are increasing our impact with new tools that connect stakeholders and help Asia’s policy makers, civic reformers and small business leaders rapidly collect and analyze data previously unavailable to them.  We leverage data and analytics, collaborative social media tools, and smartphone use to connect citizens with a global ecosystem of information and services.

Real-time citizen feedback in Sri Lanka

A record voter turnout for a new president vividly illustrates the tenacity of ordinary citizens to make a difference, and signals a desire for change and good governance. But challenges of rebuilding infrastructure, bridging social divisions, and strengthening local democracy remain. In the first of its kind in South Asia, the Foundation pioneered an electronic citizen report card using Android-based mobile applications in war-affected Batticaloa, a major commercial center where delivery of basic public services like street lighting and trash collection is grossly uneven. The city administration responded to the feedback by providing a separate line item in their annual budget to fund priorities identified through Electronic Citizen Report Card surveys.

Using mobile apps to reach Indonesian voters

In Indonesia’s divisive recent election, we helped get essential polling information directly to millions of voters and supported the largest source of independent observer and media reporting. With support from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, we pioneered the development of an open data and API platform that enabled Indonesian developers to build free mobile applications to provide better voter access to real-time electoral information. It garnered more than 100 million hits. In the first five months, 41 apps were publicly released, and have since been downloaded more than 300,000 times.

The Latest Across Asia

2024 Lotus Leadership Awards

The Lotus Leadership Awards recognize contributions towards gender equality in Asia and the Pacific