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In Pakistan, the Foundation’s overarching objectives are to promote inclusive growth, sustainability, and good governance. We collaborate with local institutions and engage with public sector stakeholders to reinforce the rule of law, improve access to justice and social cohesion, facilitate inclusive economic development, and empower women.

Muzaffar Ud Din,
Country Representative


The Asia Foundation – Pakistan

P.O. Box 1165
Islamabad, Pakistan

Tel: +92 (51) 235-6007
Email: [email protected]

Strengthening networks to reduce violence against vulnerable groups

This project promotes inclusion of vulnerable communities (like religious minorities) in Pakistan. A preemptive mechanism was developed to ensure an effective government response to include vulnerable populations. Under this initiative, we engaged with local government departments, law enforcement agencies, civil society organizations and community networks. A key element is establishing a Management Information System to document information on exclusion of vulnerable communities in project districts. It acts as a central hub to mobilize emergency response units, including police and rescue services. To cultivate a culture of tolerance and peace among youth, the Foundation also partnered with public sector universities to establish Peace Incubation Centers.

Sustainable Development Investment Portfolio

To support climate resilient livelihoods and inclusive economic growth in South Asia, The Asia Foundation is addressing growing water, food, and energy insecurity. As part of the Australian Government’s Sustainable Development Investment Portfolio we are improving integrated management of water, energy and food while addressing gender and climate change impacts in these ways: establishing a “Water and Environment Research Corner” at Karakoram International University, creating four pilot projects in water and food security in diverse topographies in Pakistan, a water, energy and food nexus framework based on Pakistan’s government policies, and advocacy and bottom-up platforms for citizenry to access policymakers.


Let's Read Asia

Let’s Read, the digital platform of our Books for Asia program, was introduced in Pakistan in 2019, and houses children’s stories in more than 40 international languages. More than 400 have been translated into Urdu for wider outreach in Pakistan. Let’s Read promotes literacy and encourages reading habits among children, and serves as a creative forum where children can learn about different cultures and ideas through books written by authors from different parts of the world.

Mainstreaming ADR for equitable access to justice in Pakistan

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a broad term used to describe options for out-of-court settlements, including mediation, arbitration, and conciliation. The Foundation has partnered with high courts, judicial academies, academic institutions and international ADR bodies to strengthen ADR mechanisms in Pakistan. This project mainstreams ADR mechanisms in the judicial system and facilitates broad-based access to equitable justice, in particular for marginalized populations and includes: Increasing support among lawyers and bar associations for promoting the use of ADR as a reputable and viable mechanism in the legal system

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