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Bangladesh has a vibrant cultural history and is rich with diversity. But poor governance makes it impossible for the country to fully utilize the talent and abilities of its people. A focus of our office in Bangladesh includes close work with parliamentarians, civil society, and other stakeholders to improve legislative and electoral governance in the country. Our staff also works to promote and empower women within an Islamic framework. Read country overview.


A landmark meeting calls for greater role for women

Around the world, women politicians are outnumbered four to one. Without power to make decisions regarding their own lives, women are trapped in societies where they are often subordinate and confined to outdated ideas. South Asian countries have begun legislative reforms and undertaken affirmative action, from the grassroots to the national level. Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan, for example, now have constitutional quotas in their national parliaments. But the quota system is only a temporary measure—other steps are needed.

Last July, with USAID and UK Aid, our Bangladesh office brought together more than 100 women members of South Asian parliaments to debate how to strengthen women's political participation and encourage truly democratic and representative governments. During the meeting, a new network was formed to provide opportunities for exchange and to serve as a regional coordination center for activities supporting women in parliament. This network will enable women leaders to leverage their voices and influence in ways not possible when working alone. As of this writing, the Election Commission in Bangladesh has imposed a 33 percent quota for women at all levels of the political party structures by 2020; but women here must continue to work within the structures of patriarchy to ultimately create a gender balance.

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