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China’s dynamic economic transformation presents challenges for the country’s rapidly changing society and for the government. We support efforts in law and governance, environmental protection, women’s empowerment, disaster management, and constructive U.S.-China relations. Read country overview.


Announcing a competitive grant for a research period of approximately five months in China to an assistant professor on the tenure track at an American university. To apply, please see the program information here.


China's economic transformation presents new challenges both for the country's rapidly changing society and for the government, which has undertaken reforms to promote the rule of law, curb pollution, and encourage more broad-based development. To help address these challenges and contribute to reforms, The Asia Foundation provides financial support and technical assistance to a broad range of Chinese partners, including universities, think tanks, nongovernmental organizations, and government institutions.

Together with these partners, we are promoting participatory and transparent governance, training law professionals on the implementation of administrative law reforms, building capacity for disaster management, enhancing opportunities for migrant workers in China's cities, strengthening the country's charitable sector, and working to increase environmental information transparency and public participation in environmental decision-making. As China's global importance increases, the Foundation is also working with Chinese practitioners to examine effective models for the country's growing foreign aid and disaster assistance efforts, and building on over 30 years of programming to facilitate more cooperative and multifaceted relations between China and the United States.

In Hong Kong SAR, the Foundation has fostered the development of a vibrant and effective charitable sector. Most recently, the Foundation has launched the Mainland/Hong Kong Platform for More Effective Philanthropy, which aims to strengthen the charity sectors in mainland China and Hong Kong SAR through experience sharing and mutual learning.


Helping citizens influence their future

In the past 20 years, China has undertaken a series of administrative law reforms to make it easier for the public to be heard and influence their future. To support these efforts, we are partnering with prominent Chinese law schools to foster a new generation of legal professionals committed to the ideals of participation, transparency, government compliance, and public interest law. We are also working with law schools and government partners to support clear legal processes for citizens seeking redress for illegal government actions.

This year, we have helped to build the capacity and commitment of over 1,200 government officials and staff, judges, and legal aid practitioners to implement the administrative reforms, and to better provide redress to citizens. We are providing legal aid to enable citizens to better understand and take advantage of their new, codified rights. In 2012, our partners handled nearly 200 cases related to administrative reconsideration, administrative litigation, and state compensation.

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