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Resource Library

The Asia Foundation's Resource Library contains surveys, reports, research, analysis, handouts, brochures, and other materials that range from general overviews of our work, to detailed, technical information carried out through programs supported by The Asia Foundation.

Use the links on the left to browse PDFs by country or program area, or to search by text.

Popular Resources

Afghanistan in 2014: A Survey of the Afghan People

Annual Report 2013

The Contested Corners of Asia

Survey Publications

Myanmar 2014: Civic Knowledge and Values in a Changing Society

Timor-Leste Law & Justice Survey 2013

Climate Change Perception Survey

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Theories of Change in Practice

Citizen Led Accountability and Inclusivity in Pakistan
Social Accountability in Cambodia
Peacemaking and State-Society Interactions in Conflict-torn Mindanao, Philippines

View the collection here

Subnational Governance in Myanmar Series

Administering the State in Myanmar
Natural Resources and Subnational Governments in Myanmar
Womens Participation in the Subnational Governance of Myanmar

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