AADC 2020 Spotlights Asia’s Changing Landscape of Development Cooperation Amidst and Beyond Covid-19

Seoul, November 24, 2020 — The Asia Foundation, together with KDI School of Public Policy and Management, hosted the Asian Approaches to Development Cooperation (AADC) webinar series on “Changing Landscape of Development Cooperation Amidst and Beyond Covid-19 in Asia” on November 11-13. For its 10th anniversary this year, the AADC opened the dialogues to the public for the first time and facilitated broader knowledge sharing to better respond to Covid-19 in the region.

The webinar series addressed emerging approaches on official development assistance and roles of non-state actors and multilateralism in response to Covid-19. Speakers from the Republic of Korea, China, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, UNESCAP, and ASEAN along with local community partners and INGOs shared diverse Asian experiences and approaches in adapting to the Covid-19 crisis and future global pandemics with more systematic, collective responses.

Watch Day 1 of the webinar series:

In his keynote speech, Senior Vice President of The Asia Foundation Gordon Hein highlighted the importance of knowledge sharing in Asian development cooperation in a rapidly changing and complex ecosystem. KDI School Associate Dean Wook Sohn and The Asia Foundation Korea Country Representative Kwang Kim acknowledged the successful 10 years of AADC partnership between KDI School and The Asia Foundation.

Since 2010, AADC has supported cross-country and regional dialogues throughout Asia to enable government and non-governmental leaders to share lessons and best practices related to common developmental issues. In annual dialogues, participants from Asia and beyond have shared their experiences, strategies, and actions in addressing contemporary concerns, ranging from gender-inclusive growth to the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the future of work.

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