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The Asia Foundation Spotlights Women’s Vital Role in Cambodia’s Tech Sector

Program Year: 2024

On March 6, The Asia Foundation hosted an International Women’s Day 2024 Event in collaboration with the Women in Tek Network (WTN) Chapter Cambodia. The event provided a platform for networking and collaboration among women technology entrepreneurs from the WTN and beyond, and key participants from Cambodia’s private and public sectors. It also aimed to raise awareness about the challenges and opportunities for women in the tech industry in Cambodia.  

Around 30 participants from women’s associations, government, development partners, and youth attended the event, and organizers presented WTN Chapter’s journey, its organizational structure, and achievements. Convened under a project from 2019-2022 supported by USAID through funds from Pact Cambodia, the project aimed to build a resilient and sustainable network of young women tech entrepreneurs. To ensure its continuity, the Foundation created and managed a Sustainability Fund, providing ongoing resources for activities aligned with the core function of the network, including community engagement, promoting core members, supporting businesses, and undertaking fundraising efforts for longer-term sustainability.  

The event featured a panel discussion highlighting women’s critical role in the tech industry, the challenges they face, and the opportunities they have. It included experts from Cambodia’s technology and digital sector, including Ny Daline, director of account management from VISA Inc., Tean LY, managing director from Seeva Capital, and Jannine SEM, head of talent acquisition from Solution Bi company. The discussion underscored the importance of women’s role in tech-business development and innovation, emphasizing key strategies like trend adaptation, customer experience, and data management. The panel session also discussed approaches to building an effective professional relationship and identifying new business opportunities in a constantly evolving market. Overall, the event celebrated the importance of women’s involvement in the tech industry and highlighted the need for more opportunities and networks.  

The Asia Foundation actively promotes and supports women entrepreneurs across Cambodia. With support from the Visa Foundation, The Asia Foundation implemented a program to help women SMBs access capital and digital skill training. This initiative aligns with the Foundation’s broader efforts through the Future Skills Alliance, a collective impact platform to deliver future skills for Asia’s underserved groups, including women, in various markets.  

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