Myanmar Business Environment Index 2020: Measuring Economic Governance for Private Sector Development


By Edmund Malesky, Dean Dulay, and Ville Peltovuori

The Asia Foundation initiated the first ever Myanmar Business Environment Index (MBEI) in 2018, surveying 4,874 Myanmar businesses in the service and manufacturing industries across the country and gathering a multitude of other hard data to map a more comprehensive, in-depth picture of the challenges they face and where government can target reforms to improve the business environment. The results were published in 2019 and were widely disseminated to government officials and the private sector in all states and regions of Myanmar. In 2020, the Foundation carried out the second installment of the MBEI, surveying 5,605 businesses across the country. Conducting the two installments two years apart allows us to begin to track the progress states and regions have made over time. MBEI 2020 also includes methodological improvements over the first MBEI, with new indicators to provide more concrete measures of aspects of the business environment relevant to state, region, and township officials and decision-makers.

Posted November 23, 2020
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