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Women’s Rights and Personal Security


Amplifying Change: Community-Centered Approaches to Ending Violence Against Women

Washington, DC, Wednesday, March 6, 2024


9:30 – 11:00 am ET Gender-based violence, specifically, violence against women and girls, and trafficking in persons, are pervasive occurrences that have seen a dramatic uptick in many countries due to conflict, climate change, Covid-19, and other ongoing conflicts and crises. Globally, one in three women experience physical and/or sexual violence… Read more


Her Right to the City: Must Women Tread in Fear?

February 5, 2020

Blog and Podcast

India has invested for decades in women’s empowerment, but the persistent threat of harassment and violence in cities shows that the built environment must change to make women safe in public spaces.


China: Tackling Domestic Violence and Its Effects in the Workplace

January 22, 2020

Blog and Podcast

Chinese statistics show that a quarter of that country’s married women have suffered domestic violence from their husbands. Though it’s critical that these women remain employed if they are to escape these abusive relationships, survivors often struggle with work. But China is making encouraging progress with measures to keep women active and safe in the workplace.


The Gender Dimensions of a Changing Climate

September 25, 2019

Blog and Podcast

The biennial conference of the Women’s Funding Network, which took place in San Francisco September 11–13, provided an opportunity for The Asia Foundation to convene the panel “Gender and Climate Justice: Lessons from Asia and the Pacific.” The changing climate is arguably the biggest issue of our time, and the follow-on effects of environmental di… Read more


The Gender Lab Boys Program

September 11, 2019

Blog and Podcast

From 2018 to 2019, 2,500 boys from 61 schools in Mumbai, Indore, and Delhi, India, took a journey to redefine masculinity and stand up to gender-based violence. The Gender Lab Boys Program is the brainchild of cofounders Akshat Singhal and Ayushi Banerji, strong believers in the power of collective action who say they are out to change a patriarcha… Read more


A Skilled Global Girls Workforce

October 10, 2018

Blog and Podcast

October 11 marks the eighth annual celebration of the International Day of the Girl Child, established by the United Nations to address the challenges that continue to confront girls around the world. This year’s theme, With Her: A Skilled Girl Force, begins a year-long commitment by the global community to increase learning opportunities and build… Read more


Key Laws Impacting Women in Myanmar

August 1, 2018

Program Snapshot

Myanmar has long had a stated commitment to women’s role in public life. It was among the first countries in Asia to grant women the right to vote, in 1935. Myanmar endorsed the Beijing Declaration in 1995 and became a signatory to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women in 1997. The National Strategic Plan fo… Read more


Reflections on the Gender 360 Summit

Washington, DC, August 1, 2018

Program Snapshot

More than 300 gender and youth practitioners convened last month in Washington, DC, for the Gender 360 Summit to explore the theme of positive girl and boy development. Panels examined how gender issues intersect with health, education, economic empowerment, and gender-based violence among girls, boys, and youth of diverse gender identities. Over t… Read more

International Women's Day Pakistan 

Women and Leadership in Pakistan: A Conversation with Sofia Shakil

August 23, 2017

Blog and Podcast

Concerns over access to justice and women’s rights are high in Pakistan. The appalling revenge rape in mid-July of a 17-year-old girl, ordered by a tribal council, has again ignited outrage over the country’s justice system and the sustained level of violence against women. In this interview, The Asia Foundation’s country representative in Pakistan… Read more


India’s New Anti-Human Trafficking Law: What You Need to Know  

June 8, 2016

Blog and Podcast

Human trafficking in India has reached a crisis level. A prominent headline in The Hindu last week declared ”An unsavory fact: India tops global slavery index.” A U.S. State Department report estimates that up to 65 million people were trafficked into forced labor, both into and within India. More recently, research reveals that India has the highe… Read more