Member of the President's Leadership Council of The Asia Foundation

Marsha Vande Berg is an executive, board director and published expert on the Asia Pacific’s dynamic investment and policy environment. She serves on for-profit and volunteer company boards. As consultant, her focus is macro risk factors for investors engaged in international markets. She is a continuing fellow with the Distinguished Careers Institute at Stanford University where she is working on a study on minority shareholder rights in U.S. and Indian companies. She is a recently elected director of Tata Capital Pte. She also serves as an independent director of Quantum Advisors Pte, a progressive investment advisory overseeing a mutual fund featuring India equity strategies. She serves on the RAND Center for Asia Pacific Policy board.

In China, she is actively engaged with the International Finance Forum, Beijing, and serves on the IFF Academic Council. As a member of the Japan Society, she serves on the Corporate Membership Committee. As a director of the San Francisco-based 1990 Institute, she serves on the Nominations and Governance Committee. She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and serves on the National Program Committee. She is also an elected member of the Institute of International Strategic Studies and The Bretton Woods Committee. She has held additional leadership positions, including with the International Women’s Forum, Northern California and the chapter’s Legacy Foundation. As an Advisory Council member, she contributes to the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum and as contributing expert, to Econvue, an online forum for independent economic analyses. She holds a doctoral degree in German studies from Vanderbilt University and a master’s degree from Duke University. She is the former chief executive officer of the Pacific Pension Institute in San Francisco and prior to that a working journalist and newspaper owner.