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The Asia Foundation and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) formed a strategic partnership to advance their shared development goals in Asia, working together to promote inclusive and sustainable development, regional stability and prosperity. The two institutions will explore opportunities for widening their areas of cooperation through programs in peace-building; governance and law; capacity-building; gender equality; environment and disaster management; economic development and regional economic cooperation; and South-South cooperation, including partnership with Asian donor institutions.

Katsuji Imata,
Director, Japan


The Asia Foundation – Japan

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Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0051, Japan

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Foundation Experts Share Insights in Yokohama

In May 2017, Asia Foundation experts Suzanne Siskel and Anthea Mulakala were featured panelists at Asian Development Banks’s 50th Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors in Yokohama, Japan. Siskel discussed Promoting Inclusive and Accountable Public Services in Asia, sharing Foundation innovations in service delivery including the Ger Area Mapping project in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and Electronic Citizen Report Card in war-affected Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. Mulakala spoke on Economic Development Experience and South-South Cooperation, highlighting how the Foundation’s regional networks and track record of facilitating horizontal partnerships offer a platform for South-South Cooperation knowledge exchange.



アジア財団は、ダイナミックに発展を続けるアジア地域の人々の生活改善に寄与することを目 的とした非営利の国際開発組織です。 私たちのプログラムは、60年にわたって蓄積した経験とノウハウをもとに21世紀のアジアに影響を及ぼす重要課題に 取り組んでいます。 加えて、アジアに関する書籍や専門家の交流プログラムは、平和で公正な発展を続ける地域としてのアジアの継続的な発展に貢献していま す。



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