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Pacific Islands

In 2020, the Foundation moved forward with programs and plans for expanded work in the Pacific and the re-establishment of an office in Fiji. We hired a Pacific Islands Director and Program Manager to oversee our work; expanded our relations with governments, civil society organizations, and development partners in the region; launched both print and digital book distribution programs; and supported important research, conferences, and publications on Covid-19, cyber issues, and the Future of Work for women.


The Asia Foundation – Pacific Islands
Level 3, Provident Plaza 1, 33 Ellery Street
Suva, Fiji 

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Cyber Resiliency

To improve cyber resiliency and knowledge sharing, the Foundation organized the Pacific Cyber Dialogue in partnership with the Government of Papua New Guinea’s Department of ICT, the Asia-Pacific Network Centre, and the Australian and New Zealand Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Trade, with 15 Pacific Island countries represented. The Foundation also produced The Pacific Covid-19 Infodemic report which outlines the state of online information ecosystems in Pacific Island countries and territories and includes the risks and challenges these ecosystems have faced during the pandemic. The report includes potential actions by government, and private sector, and civil society to respond to them.

Let’s Read in the Pacific

In cooperation with the U.S. embassy in Suva, the Foundation began providing books to schools, nongovernment and government agencies in Fiji. Working with local partners, we also launched our Let’s Read program to develop local-language digital and print children’s books. In late 2020, we partnered with Bilum Books to translate, digitize, and deliver books in three Papua New Guinea languages.

The Future of Work for Women

In 2020, the Foundation supported the research project and publication The Future of Work for Women in the Pacific Islands to better understand key economic challenges and other obstacles women face in the context of the pandemic, climate change, and the impacts of technology. The study provides recommendations for policy measures and reforms to support women’s equitable economic participation and leadership in the region’s transition towards greener, more resilient and inclusive economies.

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