As an advanced, upper middle-income country, Malaysia is poised to achieve developed-nation status by 2020. Still, the country faces challenges. We work closely with our partners on the ground to strengthen entrepreneurship and international competitiveness, provide opportunities for women and girls, improve security in vulnerable regions, bolster Malaysia’s international development cooperation, enhance the country’s electoral integrity and public accountability, and engage young Malaysians to improve skills and resilience to take advantage of the new economy.


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Countering violent extremism

One of the poorest states in Malaysia, Sabah has seen a rise in domestic and transnational crime in recent years, including extremist influence and recruitment in the volatile eastern regions. A long history of violent extremist incidents coupled with an increased rate of unemployment among youth has exposed them as vulnerable targets to terrorist networks and criminal syndicates. With support from Australian DFAT, the Foundation and our implementing partner, ASASI, are building resilience of border communities in Eastern Sabah to expand their knowledge, advance the community-law enforcement network, and foster regional civil society cooperation to counter violence and extremism.


Books for Malaysia

Focusing on underserved and rural communities in Peninsular and East Malaysia, our Books for Asia program continued to partner with the International Institute of Public Policy and Management at the University of Malaysia, the Sarawak Foundation, and the PACOS Trust, providing a total of 59,897 books in Malaysia. In 2017, the Foundation also launched a high-level working relationship with the Sarawak State government for the first time.