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The Asia Foundation supports Nepal’s vision for sustainable peace, good governance, development, and prosperity through research, knowledge exchange, and accelerating more inclusive and accountable democratic governance practices. Partnering with government and civil society, we promote inclusive economic development, peaceful conflict mitigation and resolution, women’s leadership, and cooperation on environment and human security.

Meghan Nalbo,
Country Representative

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The Asia Foundation – Nepal

P.O. Box 935
Buddhisagar Marg, Ward No. 3
Panipokhari, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel: +977 (1) 454-3316
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Support for alternative dispute resolution during Covid-19

Formal and informal justice system agencies have had to limit or suspend operations during Covid, causing devastating impacts for vulnerable populations. With increasing concerns regarding access to justice, the Foundation’s Subnational Governance Program provided alternative dispute resolutions–dialogue, and community-based justice programs that helped to reduce the burden on formal judicial mechanisms. Throughout the pandemic, these networks played a crucial role in coordinating Covid-19 containment strategies, sharing health information, and distributing relief. The Foundation also continued to support 74 judicial committees and 23 dialogue forums across the seven newly established federal provinces serving 6,000 community members.


Long-term impacts of a devastating earthquake

In 2015, Nepal was reeling from a colossal earthquake that killed and injured thousands, destroyed homes, livelihoods, and critical infrastructure. Over the course of reconstruction, the Foundation launched a social impacts monitoring project to develop an accurate picture of long-term disaster effects, recovery patterns, and evolving needs. Over the five years since the earthquake, The Independent Impacts and Recovery Monitoring Project has collected data from thousands of affected households. Findings collected made it possible to illustrate a detailed and evolving portrait of the nation’s recovery and remaining challenges, while also assisting the Nepal Reconstruction Authority to develop effective approaches for disaster response.

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