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Asia Foundation programs strengthen subnational governance; increase access to justice; build community security; facilitate post-trauma mental health support; and foster localized inter-ethnic social cohesion through values education and strengthening economic linkages among different ethnic groups.


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Psychosocial counseling support

In partnership with the government health sector and nongovernment organizations, The Foundation’s Mental Health and Psychosocial Support reached 7,725 survivors of trauma, and trained 231 mental health and psychosocial care providers. The Foundation also funded longstanding local partner Women in Need, through its Gender and Justice program, to remotely carry out services during lockdowns to work with victims of domestic violence online and via mobile phones. In 2020 this support provided 4,200 victims with counseling support, 3,308 with legal advice, 1,435 with legal representation, and its awareness campaigns reached over two million online users.

Gender-sensitive police stations

Nearly a decade after the end of armed conflict, more has to be done to strengthen the relationship between communities and the police, particularly in conflict-affected areas. Officers still struggle to inspire and build public trust in policing. With support from the British High Commission, we have contributed significantly to wide-ranging police reforms with technical support from Police Scotland, with an emphasis on addressing gender-based violence and promoting gender equality within the force. 568 Officers-In-Charge of local police stations throughout the country participated in training on community policing. In addition, a national workshop on responding to gender-based violence and effective referral services was conducted for all 42 Divisional Commanders of the Children and Women’s Bureau, followed by a series of district-level workshops to facilitate implementation at the district level.

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