Our work on Myanmar includes research, analysis, and data-gathering, which are all crucial to understanding the opaque and rapidly changing post-coup environment. This work assists bilateral and multilateral development partners, international nongovernmental organizations, and most importantly, Myanmar civil society organizations, to make informed decisions with greater impact. We promote the empowerment and safety of women and girls, assist independent education initiatives, and support organizations working towards a just and peaceful Myanmar.

Mark McDowell,
Country Representative

Governance in Myanmar Discussion Paper Series

The Asia Foundation’s research on governance provides Myanmar’s policymakers, civil society organizations, the business community, and international development partners with data and analysis on subnational governance issues that directly inform policy and reform processes. Subnational governance issues under consideration range from decentralization and the evolving structures of local government to gender dynamics, economic governance, public sector reform, and public financial management.

Peace and Conflict in Myanmar Discussion Paper Series

The Asia Foundation’s research on conflict dynamics in Myanmar strengthens awareness of issues critical to the country’s challenging peace process. The research focuses on governance dynamics in contested areas, including social service provision and local public administration by ethnic armed groups, local justice systems, and the role and presence of militias. Research findings provide evidence and analysis to key stakeholders in Myanmar’s peace process — from government to ethnic armed group negotiating teams as well as civil society and the general public.

Countering GBV during the Covid-19 lockdown

Prior to the coup in Myanmar, the pandemic had already inflicted severe economic consequences for many in the country, particularly women. At the same time, Covid lockdowns lead to a marked rise in gender-based violence (GBV). Last year, we helped 750 female micro-business owners in Myanmar adapt and sustain their businesses in response to the pandemic. Acknowledging that loss of jobs and increased financial pressures often trigger domestic violence, the Foundation supports local partners in providing GBV awareness trainings and information about registering GBV cases. Partnering with Legal Clinic Myanmar, the Foundation provides legal and financial support to GBV survivors and their affected households.

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2024 Lotus Leadership Awards

The Lotus Leadership Awards recognize contributions towards gender equality in Asia and the Pacific