Chief Project Management Officer

Pauline Tweedie is chief project management officer for The Asia Foundation. She formerly served as The Asia Foundation’s country representative in Timor-Leste, where she oversaw a country team focused on good governance, reducing violence against women, promoting peace and justice and building an inclusive economy.

Pauline was formerly a senior technical advisor with The Asia Foundation’s Program Specialist Group and a member of the Conflict and Fragility team where she provided expert advice and technical assistance to country offices in the areas of accountable government and elections, women’s political, social and economic inclusion, conflict mitigation, and peacebuilding. She has extensive quantitative and qualitative research experience having led numerous major public perception research projects and overseeing a review of all Asia Foundation perception survey work to gather and document 300 surveys which resulted in the development of the Foundation’s data visualization portal.

Pauline served as the Foundation’s deputy country representative for Thailand from 2009 to 2016, where she was responsible for overseeing conflict mitigation programs in Thailand’s deep south. Pauline joined The Asia Foundation in 2003 as regional ICT program officer based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. There, she oversaw the Community Information Center for Democracy & Development which provided communities in many provinces with their first access to computers and the Internet. Since then, she has worked for the Foundation in various countries in Asia, serving as a capacity building advisor for the local election observation organization in Afghanistan in 2006, working on fair elections and institutional reforms in Bangladesh in 2007, and as an election program adviser in Nepal in 2008.

In addition to her work for The Asia Foundation, Pauline Tweedie has extensive NGO experience, serving as research consultant for JICA and USAID, and as gender advisor for GTZ Afghanistan. Pauline’s past work was on a wide variety of projects, encompassing the rule of law, rural electricity, water resource management and supply, sustainable economic development, education and teacher training, and emergency and transitional aid.


Author of the publication Bangladesh 2018: A Survey of the Bangladeshi People, The Asia Foundation (forthcoming)
Co-author of the publication Profile of the Bangkok Shutdown Protesters 2014, The Asia Foundation 2013
Contributing author of the publication, The Contested Corners of Asia: Subnational Conflict and International Development Assistance, The Asia Foundation 2013
Co-author of the publication Contested Corners of Asia: The Case of Southern Thailand, The Asia Foundation, 2013
Editor Promoting Fair Elections in South Asia, The Asia Foundation, 2012
Contributing author of the publication, 2010 National Survey of the Thai Electorate: Exploring National Consensus and Color Polarization, The Asia Foundation, 2010
Contributing author of the publication, Democracy and Conflict in Southern Thailand 2010, The Asia Foundation, 2010
Contributing author of the publication, Constitutional Reform and Democracy in Thailand: National Survey of the Thai People 2009, The Asia Foundation, 2009

Education: Bachelor’s degree from University of Western Ontario; master’s degree from Fletcher School of International Relations, Tufts University