Lotus Circle Advisor

Member of the President's Leadership Council of The Asia Foundation

Priya Ghandikota has led marketing for both early stage start-ups and large technology companies. Based in Silicon Valley, Canada, Asia and Europe, she has launched a number of new category technology products for companies such as LinkedIn, Oracle and Pebble. At BlackBerry, she launched the retail channel and helped set up commercial operations in a number of international markets and established local market commercial partnerships throughout Asia and Europe. Before moving to Silicon Valley, she was previously based in London, Singapore, Toronto, Mumbai and West Africa.

Priya has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto and a master’s degree in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (Tufts University) with a concentration in development economics and international business. Priya is based in the Bay Area with her family and volunteers with several community initiatives that empower marginalized women economically. She is classically trained in Indian dance (Kuchipudi) and is an avid supporter of South Asian arts.